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'Grumpy Christmas' Ending Explained: Did Servando save the Christmas?

After a ridiculously fun war between Servando and Alicia, did Servando manage to celebrate Christmas as he promised to his family
UPDATED DEC 22, 2021
A still from 'Grumpy Christmas' (Netflix)
A still from 'Grumpy Christmas' (Netflix)

Christmas is all about togetherness and spreading happiness. Yes, there can be moments when you feel like everything is bleak and there’s nothing to celebrate for. But, there are always a set of people who’ll never leave you and they are called family. That’s the primary storyline of the Netflix’s recent Christmas movie ‘Grumpy Christmas’.

The movie starts with an old man named Don Servando (Hector Bonilla) and his family struggling to reach their destination. Their bus breaks down and they are trying to find some mode of transport to reach where they want to reach. Just then, we get to know that Servando has been kicked out of the retirement home and is now living with his family. The entire family is going to Aunt Alicia’s (Angelica Maria) beach house to celebrate the festival.


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Servando wants a great Christmas for everyone while Alicia is not thrilled about the occasion and doesn’t want to celebrate it. But Servando makes sure that no one will go empty-handed and announces that Christmas will be celebrated. That’s when the war begins between two of the most strong-headed people.

Was Servando able to celebrate Christmas? Or Alicia will annoy him so much that he would leave? Let’s take a look at how ‘Grumpy Christmas’ concluded.

A still from 'Grumpy Christmas' (Netflix)

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As soon as they reach the beach house, the drama starts. Fran (Benny Ibarra) and Alma (Jacqueline Bracamontes) are going for a couple’s therapy. On the other hand, tensions have started showing up. Servando feels that Alicia is weird while Alicia feels Servandi is nosey.

The tensions escalate when she makes Willy cry by telling him that no Christmas tree will be brought home and he won’t be getting any gifts from Santa Claus this time around. Servando gets agitated and says that Christmas will be made and everyone will receive gifts as well. Alicia doesn’t feel right about it as she feels that it’s her house and the festival will be celebrated how she wants it to.

But Servando is adamant and the entire family supports him in his decision. Servando and Alicia engage in prank wars to teach other a lesson. However, Servando takes her gardening tools and turns one of her trees into a Christmas tree with lots of decorations on it. This makes her cry and miserable. To be honest, her reaction was a bit too much in the scene.

Angelica Maria as Dona Alicia in 'Grumpy Christmas' (Netflix)

Coming back to the movie, Alicia gets a bit disheartened. After seeing her reaction, Servando tries apologizing to her on a boat. The boat suddenly sails and they are stuck together. The duo shares their stories and their feelings. Alicia reveals that she has an aneurysm while Grandpa reveals that he used to hate Christmas and was not able to take care of his children when he was younger. They become quite close and share a kiss. However, a few moments later Servando starts having a heart attack, but he is stuck on a boat. Luckily, his son Fran (Ibarra) followed them on a boat and took his father to the hospital.

The doctor reveals that it was a stress-induced panic attack and he’ll be fine. However, he and his son leave Aunt’s house as Fran had some urgent work. They miss their family and want to be with them, celebrating Christmas. The family tries celebrating Christmas without them but Willy, the young one, is not happy and walks away. On the other hand, Servando and Fran’s bus breaks down and they are now finding ways to reach their families.

A few moments later, we see a stranger giving them a lift and dropping them at Alicia’s house. The entire family comes together and celebrates the festival together, making everyone realize that family makes you stronger. Alma reveals that she is pregnant while Servando and Alicia kiss each other as the movie comes to an end.

‘Grumpy Christmas’ is currently streaming on Netflix.