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GOT7’s Jinyoung to play twin roles in ‘Christmas Carol’, fans say he has 'RANGE'

This is Jinyoung’s fourth film and third main role in a film. His film debut was with the indie film ‘A Stray Goat’ in 2017
Jinyoung cast as the lead in a film (@jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram)
Jinyoung cast as the lead in a film (@jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram)

Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) have nothing to worry about as GOT7 is booked and busy. Youngjae was the last member to go solo last week. And after the vocal powerhouse’s solo debut with the smashing hit ‘COLORS from Ars’, we have more news. Fans wondered what the idol actor of the group, Park Jinyoung was up to after weeks of radio silence. Well, it looks like he has landed the main role in the film ‘Christmas Carol’.

After GOT7 left their label JYPE in early 2021, Jinyoung has been focusing on his acting career. He was in the popular dystopian K-drama ‘The Devil Judge’ in the first half of the year. And in the midst of shooting, he also dropped the surprise single ‘Dive’ as a gift for waiting fans. Well, we finally know what he has been doing since then. On October 8, it was announced that the idol has landed himself twin roles in ‘Christmas Carol’, an action-thriller film based on Jo Won-gyu’s novel of the same name.

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GOT7’s Jinyoung lands third main role in ‘Christmas Carol’

‘Christmas Carol’ is set in a juvenile facility as it tries to portray the oppression of South Korea’s youth due to stagnant laws. After a man is murdered in the facility, his twin brother infiltrates it in hopes of finding the murderer and getting revenge. Jinyoung will be playing both of the twins, Joo Il-woo and Wol-woo. This is not the first time that he has played dual roles. The GOT7 star had also played doppelgangers in ‘The Devil Judge’. The project will be directed by Kim Sung-soo of ‘Save Me’ fame.

This is Jinyoung’s fourth film and third main role in a film. His film debut was with the indie film ‘A Stray Goat’ in 2017. After that, he has been focusing on making a name for himself in the K-drama industry. However, he is ready to get back on the big screen. It has been reported that he is filming as one of the leads in the supernatural film ‘High Five’ while the noir film ‘Yacha’ aka ‘The Angel Without, The Devil Within’ is set to be released soon. As for his K-dramas, he plays a supporting role in the ongoing show ‘Yumi’s Cells’. But he will be playing the male lead in the second season that has already been given a green light.

‘Love that for him’

Excited fans trended Jinyoung as they wrote tweets like, “Jinyoung gets casted for double roles because producers know that actor park jinyoung has R A N G E and his versatility is prominent,” “They all casting jinyoung like crazy ever since they realized there is an idol plus actor who's good with expressions, looks good, cries well and is talented,” and “The fact that jinyoung chooses promising and challenging roles speaks a lot. his diversity and range as an actor is unmatched. i love that for him."