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‘GOT7StillAlive’: K-pop group’s YouTube change has fans excited for reunion comeback

The GOT7 members have been hinting at a comeback for the last few weeks
GOT7's last comeback was in November 2020 (@GOT7Official/Twitter)
GOT7's last comeback was in November 2020 (@GOT7Official/Twitter)

It has been a while since we saw all seven members of the iconic boy group GOT7 together. After leaving their label, JYPE in January 2021, the members decided to focus on their solo careers for the rest of the year. However, they kept on assuring the Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) that they were still together and would reunite soon. Well, it looks like their comeback is much sooner than we know since the members have constantly been giving us spoilers for the last few months. And their latest move has fans going into a frenzy.

On February 20, some sneaky fans noticed that GOT7’s YouTube channel’s link had been changed to ‘GOT7StillAlive’. With the K-pop group being notorious for spoiling their projects in the most obvious ways possible, Ahgase Twitter is rife with theories. Previously, GOT7 had hinted at their departure from JYPE by titling their last album as ‘Last Piece’. All seven members had then posted the letters spelling ‘ENCORE💚’ on their Instagram story which turned out to be their single for fans assuring that they had not disbanded.

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GOT7’s YouTube channel changes

And now we have several GOT7 members hinting at a reunion from Bambam confessing that he knows their comeback date to Mark cheekily answering that fans would know as soon as they see him leaving his home in LA to go back to South Korea. Well, fans are having the time of their life with the new YouTube change as they decided to trend #GOT7StillAlive with tweets and memes like, “Just woke up and saw that still alive in that link, i thought we will rest during evening?!”

One wondered if it was Bambam who made the change, “All i’m saying is Bambam’s blogs are called 'Reporting that I’m alive' and we all know who bears the giggles here.. Also not in for the “alive” TT it has to be “Soon” cause mfs overused it like no other.” Another Ahgase posted, “F**k are they really coming very soon cuz mom I’m scared.”




‘Are they really coming back’

One fan guessed, “Watch “Still Alive” be the name of their album.” Another shared, “Bambam looking at ahgatwt after a bird discovered the #got7stillalive.” One Ahgase said, “Its trending already lmao i guess you can say we really are birds you throw us crumbs and we all come flocking.” Another made a reaction meme, “Can't believe we are doing this shit again but #got7stillalive.” One added, “An ahgase discovered the got7stillalive     bambam sneaking on #ahgatwt.”

Another Ahgase joked, “Are they really coming back soon??? f**k!!! I still dont have money,Im broke.” One fan added, “Got7 to the world after changed to youtube link #GOT7StillAlive.” Another wondered, “the admi of got7's channel the changing the link    birds thinking is abt comeback again.”