GOT7's Park Jinyoung reveals solo debut month, K-pop fans say 'drought is over'

GOT7's Park Jinyoung reveals solo debut month, K-pop fans say 'drought is over'
Jinyoung is currently busy with his acting projects (@GOT7official/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: With Park Jinyoung being the only GOT7 member yet to make his solo debut as a singer, fans have been waiting with bated breath. Summer 2022 was a good time as we had member Mark Tuan dropping his solo debut album followed by Jackson Wang's second solo album. Leader Jay B has also begun promotions for his second K-pop album which he will be releasing in September. Well, now Jinyoung has hinted at his solo debut month as well.

Idol actor Park Jinyoung has been busy with his acting projects from his hit K-drama 'Yumi's Cells 2' to three movies like Netflix's 'Yaksha'. The GOT7 star was also recently roped in to voice the lead character Prince Bari in the animated film 'Princess Aya'. Well, on September 13, after the press conference for the movie, fans caught Jinyoung outside and asked him for spoilers for his solo debut which he complied with.


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Jinyoung reveals solo debut month

Jinyoung is not one to shy away from spoilers as he recently gave a bittersweet spoiler about his mandatory military enlistment. According to a new mandate, Korean men born in 1994 have to enlist by December 2022. This would mean GOT7's Jay B and Jinyoung who are born in 1994 have to enlist by this year as well. And Jinyoung had confirmed that he would b enlisting soon which is why he was busy with several projects at the moment. But it seems that he has time till 2023 as he has planned his fan meeting and solo debut album for early next year.

While leaving the 'Princess Aya' conference, Ahgases (GOT7's fans) found Jinyoung's car outside the venue and decided to chat with him. He shared that he was planning a solo fan meeting. To this, fans asked him for more spoilers. In the fancams making the rounds on Ahgase Twitter, fans kept asking if his album and fan meeting would be on his birthday which is in September or next year. Jinyoung finally revealed the month as he said, "All are coming out around January." He had previously released a surprise solo song for fans in 2021 amidst filming for 'The Devil Judge'.


'Album of the decade is coming'

Ahgases were excited as one said, "PJY1 IN JANUARY!!!! LET'S GO NYOUNGSOONIES/PEPIS/PEPITRONS/JINYOUNG ENJOYERS." There had been some confusion as a government mandate had requested 1994-born Koreans to enlist by the end of 2022, "Next year?!? wdym I thought he's enlisting on december." Another fan shared, "Album of the decade is coming y’all." An Ahgase shared, "I can’t believe PJY1 is finally coming WE MOVE!!" 

One fan tweeted, "I apologise for who im about to become when jinyoung’s album drops." Another Ahgase posted, "Jaebeom releasing be yourself on jinyoung’s bday month vs jinyoung releasing pjy1 on jaebeom’s bday month." One fan commented, "And when the teasers start coming in and we get christmas and new years promo and he hooks the people and his different acting projects after the release are bound to be famous jinyoung world domination 2023." Another added, "THE JINYOUNG DROUGHT IS OVER."

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