GOT7's Bambam poses for GQ Korea, says he wants to go to space and drink with aliens

GOT7's Bambam had a photoshoot for GQ Korea and talked about solo music, aliens and futuristic books

                            GOT7's Bambam poses for GQ Korea, says he wants to go to space and drink with aliens
GOT7's Bambam in GQ Korea's August issue (GQ Korea Instagram)

Fans were afraid that when GOT7 left JYP Entertainment earlier in January this year, it would be radio silence from the K-pop group. However, members of GOT7 have been booked and busy since the beginning of this year. In fact, we’ve seen more of them in the first half of 2021 than we did in the whole of 2019. The boys have been releasing solo music, acting projects and collaborations with several brands. Along with that, we’ve got a surprising amount of magazine appearances like Bambam in back-to-back GQ editions.

Since January, we’ve got a whopping number of 40 magazine shoots with GOT7 members. For now, it has been revealed that both Youngjae and Bambam have magazines coming out in August. GQ seems to love the GOT7 members as they’ve had the boys in their magazines constantly since June. In GQ Korea’s June edition, we had Jay B, July saw Jinyoung while Bambam appeared on the cover of GQ Thailand. And now once again, Bambam is in the August issue of GQ Korea.

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Bambam in GQ Korea (

Bambam talks to GQ Korea about going solo

While Bambam is known for his vibrant and extravagant fashion, we saw a muted side to him in the GQ 10-page pictorial spread. We still see hints of his dazzling self with him donning a bold floral suit in one of the photographs while a fake pink fur coat in another. However, he caught our eye with a striking orange blazer with matching orange streaks in his gelled hair as he stared right into the camera with his piercing gaze and black-painted nails covering his face.

Bambam also sat down to chat about his experience as a solo artist. Amazingly, he had more fun than feelings of nervousness as this was the first time he got to promote the style of music he wanted to do. But since he has never shown his music to the general public before, he was pleasantly surprised that it was well-received. He also realized why his solo debut was emotional for many.

Bambam in GQ Korea (


When he debuted with GOT7, he was a 17-year-old, baby-faced idol. He joked that many fans and colleagues used to call him ‘Baby Bambam’. Seeing him grow up to be the man he is now and with him showing a more mature side to him is what tugged the fans’ hearts. But with ‘riBBon’s’ fun concept, it still allowed him to show his child-like innocence which he believes he still has. He added that he wanted to show the real side of Bambam through his music. He also explained why he still wanted to be considered an idol.

When many group members have their solo debut, they yearn to be recognized as artists rather than idols. For Bambam, he prefers to be an idol as he is a man of various talents and as an idol, he will be able to show off his different sides. This makes sense as along with his musical side he is also known for his bubbly and loud personality that makes his appearances in variety shows and interviews fun to watch.

Bambam in GQ Korea (


He then proved this very point in the GQ interview by talking about aliens. Quite recently, he succeeded in a space tourism test flight. Addressing that, Bambam revealed that he wants to travel to space, visit other planets and also drink with aliens. And while this seems like a crazy thought, he believes that dreams like these make anything possible. When asked if a box falls from the sky, what would he want it to contain, in true Bambam fashion, he had the craziest answer.

Bambam said that he wanted it to have a book about his future. But he doesn’t want it to contain his future where the details are given in advance. He wants an empty notebook where he can write things and set his future. By writing what he wants, it comes true. And while this book seems to have tons of possibilities, Bambam only wanted one thing. He said that the first thing he would write would be that he will eat kimchi stew because it’s delicious.

'Top model vibes'

A fan tweeted, “Bambam in GQ KOREA is just too powerful @BamBam1A giving us a top model vibes.” One tweeted, “Bambam kinda insane for bagging both GQ Korea and Thailand in the same month, his power is unmatched wbk.” Another tweeted, “Bambam is trending because of gq korea,, my day is comeplete... and i'm crying.” One tweeted, “Model bambam once again taking over the model industry.”