'Good Girls' Finale Ending Explained: Does Beth die? Here's why Nevada escape plan is canceled

Beth has won a seat on the city council and the girls have even saved up enough money to go to Nevada, but something's not right on 'Good Girls'

                            'Good Girls' Finale Ending Explained: Does Beth die? Here's why Nevada escape plan is canceled
Christina Hendricks stars as Beth Boland on 'Good Girls' ([email protected])

The finale of 'Good Girls' had fans going into it with just one question on their minds — do Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) and the girls make it to Nevada to live out the rest of their lives in peace? But before that, they have a lot of hurdles to cross, which they seem to be doing with remarkable ease. Beth has won a seat on the city council and the girls have even saved up enough money to go to Nevada. But before they can actually make a break for it, Beth is shot by Rio's henchman Mick (Carlos Aviles) in her own home after she leaks information on councilman Nick's (Ignacio Serrichio) kickbacks to the press. 

When Beth is shot and struggling to come through in the finale episode of 'Good Girls', she has a dream of what life in Nevada would be like. While it initially looks like a utopia, it soon becomes clear that life in Nevada isn't as great as it seems. We see that in the dream Beth is so bored of living a peaceful crime-free life that when she is held up by a mugger in a supermarket who asks her if she wants to die, she says "kind of". 


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It seems that the girls can't escape the need for crime even in Beth's dream, whether it's for financial reasons since Ruby's (Retta) daughter is rejecting her kidney once again. In Beth's dream of Nevada life, the trio decides to start from the very beginning and rob a grocery store, and Beth gets shot during their raid. Fitzpatrick (Andrew McCarthy) the hitman from Season 4 shows up in the dream and tells Beth that no matter where she goes, she can't run from who she is.

That's when Beth regains consciousness and remembers the dream and realizes that she can't go to Nevada because nothing will be different, at least for her. She tells the girls as much. The girls obviously think it's a huge mistake and tell her that she's lucky that she didn't lose her life when she got shot, but Beth thinks it wasn't a matter of luck. We then see that councilman Nick is behind bars and Rio has come to visit Nick in jail. He tells Nick to leave Beth alone and to stop using Rio's men for his dirty work, referring to Beth's shooting. Nick says that he has already dealt with Beth and she is going to be taken care of for good. Nick is referring to how the gun which was used to murder graphic designer Lucy earlier in Season 4, which had Beth's prints on it, was the gun used to shoot Beth.

Now that the gun was part of the crime scene, it has found its way to FBI agents Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) and Dave (Jonathan Silverman). But they decide to turn a blind eye to Beth's prints on Lucy's murder weapon since they are on 'vacation' and they also know that Beth has become something of a pawn between Nick and Rio. So what does this ultimately mean for Beth and the girls' futures? We see Annie (Mae Whitman) being taken away in handcuffs which seems to suggest that she has confessed to the cops, Retta is left deciding whether to stay back to help Beth or to go with her husband Stan (Reno Wilson) to Nevada. Dean (Matthew Lillard), Beth's husband, tells her that he can't live like this anymore and the two seem to go their separate ways. But Beth won't be alone.

The episode ends with Beth and Rio (Manny Montana) on a park bench, with Beth telling Rio the best thing about her new job as councilwoman is that she is now Rio's boss. Rio says 'You got it boss' and strokes her gently on the cheek, suggesting the two can now work together and not against each other in more ways than one. In the complicated life of Beth Boland, this is as close to a happy ending as it can possibly get. 

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