'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 15: Will Rio kill his cousin Nick to get him out of Beth's way?

Beth has been running for city council hoping to get inside information on councilman Nick

                            'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 15: Will Rio kill his cousin Nick to get him out of Beth's way?
Manny Montana stars as Rio on 'Good Girls' ([email protected])

[Spoilers Ahead]

In the last few episodes of 'Good Girls' we've seen that Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) is running for a spot on city council at the behest of Rio's brother cousin Nick (Ignacio Serrichio) or as the girls like to call him 'brusin'. Of course, the reason he has suggested it is so that he can get Beth to do some of his dirty work using a spot on the council. Beth isn't exactly running out of love for her city either. She's hoping to win the seat so that she can give FBI agents Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) and Dave (Jonathan Silverman) inside information on some of the shell businesses they believe Nick is running using his status as a councilman as a cover. 

Beth does in fact get the agents some information on Nick's plans for a rec center which sounds like a hotbed for money laundering and bribery and corruption. But just Beth's information isn't adequate. She'll have to get proof for the agents and since technically they're on vacation, they need Beth and the girls to steal the proof for them. 


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After a series of misadventures which involves Annie's (Mae Whitman) 'hoo-ha' on many different levels whether it is getting into the building where Nick works pretending to need to desperately use the restroom and also going on a date with Nick's assistant and getting the office key card from his pocket, the girls finally get what they need in terms of records of phone numbers and bank accounts that are involved with the rec center. But when Nick realizes that the key to his cabinet has been misplaced, he checks the security footage and sees Annie on the tape. It's then that he confronts Beth about breaking into his office. Beth asks him what happens next. Will she wake up with a gun in her face one morning, or rolled up in a carpet and tossed somewhere. Nick cool as a cucumber tells her that that's not his style. He says that his style is to make life difficult for people and he goes onto insinuate how he can make things tough for her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard) for her sister Annie and for her friend Ruby (Retta).

But will Nick get to make life difficult for Beth? Rio (Manny Montana) turns up at Beth's kitchen and tells her that if she ever needs something she just has to ask. Beth aware that Rio's referring to her troubles with Nick says but he's your family. Rio just ominously says 'He's in our way'. Will Rio get rid of Nick once and for all so that he can exert complete control over the business and Beth? To find out watch the next episode of 'Good Girls' on July 22 on NBC. 

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