'Girls Planet 999': Did Yurina like hate comment about Kep1er's Bahiyyih?

A fan had left a comment on Yurina's TikTok saying that Bahiyyih was getting death threats

                            'Girls Planet 999': Did Yurina like hate comment about Kep1er's Bahiyyih?
Yurina was always on the top while Bahiyyih was a fan favorite on 'Girls Planet 999' and debuted with the winning group (@kawaguchi_yurina_official, @official.kep1er/Instagram)

‘Girls Planet 999’ was one of the biggest K-pop survival shows in 2021 with 99 contestants from South Korea, Japan and China participating. Out of them we had Japanese trainee Yurina always ranking #1 or a contender for #1. However, in the finale, she did not make it to the top 9 or got to debut with the winning girl group Kep1er which made some of her fans bitter. On the other hand, we had Bahiyyih, sister to TXT’s Kai and Jung Lea who barely got any screentime and was never in the top 9. But she was a fan-favorite and she shot to #2 in the finale and debuted.

Many of the ‘Girls Planet 999’ viewers have been supporting Yurina’s individual journey now to K-pop. They also love the friendship that has continued between her and Kep1er member Xiaoting who was her team member and also a contender for #1 with her on the survival show. But some fans have taken it upon themselves to cyberbully Bahiyyih who they think ‘stole’ Yurina’s spot in Kep1er. A frustrated fan of Bahiyyih finally left a comment asking Yurina if she knew about it.

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Yurina likes a comment about Bahiyyih getting hate (@kawaguchi_yurina_official, @official.kep1er/Instagram)

Yurina likes a comment about Bahiyyih

On January 17 late night, a Bahiyyih fan left a comment on Yurina’s TikTok, “Yurina did you know that your fans messaged to change Bahiyyih’s position for you on the last night of gp999, some cursed Bahiyyih to d13…” In response, Yurina’s TikTok account liked the comment and then unliked it. But it looks like there were a lot of fans online when she did this because they all noticed it and are furious thinking Yurina was being petty for liking a comment that says the Kep1er member is being sent death threats by haters. Following the incident, OP (original poster) has again commented, “Yurina, I beg you very much. Please tell your fans to stop hating hiyyih, from the final night do you know what your fans are doing?”


Yurina’s fans asked everyone not to blow it out of proportion since it could be a simple mistake and that this would be bad for her reputation. They also claim to have DMed the account and shared a response from the alleged Yurina account that says that the TikTok account is not managed by the Japanese trainee but her team of social media managers. However, Bahiyyih’s fans are upset that people are angry over Yurina’s reputation rather than the fact that someone liked a death threat comment about Bahiyyin who is only 17-years-old.



UPDATE: Yurina's account has finally issued a statement. They shared, "This [TikTok] account is operated by the staff. We will continue to operate with the utmost care, so that we can continue to provide fun to our fans."


'Clarify this'

Fans who support Yurina made tweets like, “Ok but if she (or her staff) couldnt it be that they possibly accidentally liked the comment or they liked it without realising it was a hate comment then immediately unliking it after they realised it was a hate comment?” Another fan pointed out, “I hope her agency would clarify this. Ive been on her tiktok account and it seems that they've been liking random comments without knowing what is written which is very irresponsible of the agency. Please be gentle with yurina for the time being. Hope this get solved.” Another fan claimed to have spoken to the person handling the account, “Rinadans I got a proof where yurina's manager confirms that she has an sns team. You can spread it if you like, but the main thing is to try to get an official statement and an apology, in addition to getting protection for yurina.”

However, Bahiyyih’s fans are upset with one pointing out, “Y’all it’s 3am in japan and korea ain’t no way this is a staff issue cause what staff member up this early checking tiktok comments, yurina will pay for this I promise you that.” Another added, “this will be bad for yurina's reputation WORRY ABOUT THE ONE GETTING DTS INSTEAD???” One fan commented, “Yurina likes comments about xiaoting and her being gfs: omg that's so cute of her yurina likes comments informing her that her nasty fans sent dts to hiyyih: no it was the staff or her managers don't blame her :/ok....” Another fan shared, “At the end of the day, many will still defend this. Please Please for just for once side with bahiyyih? Someone is clearly at fault here regardless if its yurina or her manager. Just saw someone defending this and it makes me sad that we are the ones being blamed again.” One fan has posted, "I don't care if it's yurina or her staff. they should apologize for what they've done."










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