Kep1er's 'First Impact' becomes 2nd highest selling debut by female K-pop group with 200K sales

Kep1er made their debut on January 3 and within a week the girl group recorded 200,000 album copies sold

                            Kep1er's 'First Impact' becomes 2nd highest selling debut by female K-pop group with 200K sales
Kep1er becomes the second highest-selling girl group with 200K copies sold of debut album 'First Impact' (@official_kep1er/Twitter)

Since their much-awaited debut, Mnet's ‘Girls Planet 999’ girl group Kep1er has finally dropped their debut album, ‘First Impact: 1st Mini Album’, and within a week of its release the group has recorded the second-highest first-week sales among all other girl groups on Hanteo Charts real-time charts. Kep1er released ‘First Impact’ on January 3 with ‘Wa Da Da’ as its title track. As of January 10, Hanteo Chart, South Korea’s real-time music chart, announced that Kep1er’s ‘First Impact: First Mini Album’ has surpassed 200,000 album sales within the first week of its release.

Not only that, but Hanteo Chart also announced that Kep1er had recorded a total of 9,901 album copies sold on January 9 alone. Hanteo Chart officially counted and announced that the Initial Chodong (First Week Sales) record of the mini-album, ‘First Impact’ from the nine-member girl group Kep1er had reached 206,569 copies making their album the second best selling debut album from a girl group in K-pop history.


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Kep1er members at their debut show for their EP, 'First Impact: First Mini Album' (@official_kep1er/Twitter)

Kep1er makes a new record

Among the girl groups that made their debut in the 2021-22 period, Kep1er is the second highest-selling girl group with their debut album, ‘First Impact’. Starship Entertainment’s IVE ranks at Number 1 in terms of first-week album sales for their debut album ‘Eleven’. According to Kep1er’s agencies Wake One and Swing Entertainment, Kep1er had recorded sales of more than 150,000 album copies in the last 3 days since they made their much-anticipated debut in the first week of January.

Regarding this achievement, the labels said, “This Initial Chodong performance is the highest among the records for the debut album of a girl group in history. Kep1er’s first album also topped many other music charts.” Soon after the release of the album, ‘First Impact: First Mini Album’, Kep1er topped the iTunes charts in 11 countries, including Japan, India, and Vietnam, and topped the K-pop genre in 23 countries.


Kep1er’s Chaehyun becomes an MC

Now that the girls have officially made a successful debut, members of the group have recorded other achievements. On January 10 it was reported that Kim Chae-hyun of the rookie girl group Kep1er will become the new MC of the SBS music show, ‘The Show’. Kim Chae-hyun made her debut as a center as well as the main vocalist of Kep1er. During her appearance on ‘Girls Planet 999’, Kim Chae-hyun boasted outstanding vocal and came to be nicknamed 'Voice Fairy' at the show.

Now, singer Kim Chae-hyun is going to appear as an MC on SBS MTV’s music show, ‘The Show’. As the host, Chase-hyun will be joined by two other fourth-gen idols who are yet to be revealed. The last hosts (MCs) for ‘The Show’ were WEI's Kim Yohan, Weeekly’s Jihan, and Ateez’s Kang Yeosang.

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