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Road Warrior's Road to Recovery: Texas woman rescues dog in critical condition from abandoned backpack

'At first, all I saw was the top of his head, thought it was a little baby and then he popped out,' the rescuer said
Gina Ray saved the dachshund dog’s life (Screenshot from KCEN NEWS)
Gina Ray saved the dachshund dog’s life (Screenshot from KCEN NEWS)

KILLEEN, TEXAS: A dachshund’s life was saved by a woman after she rescued it from an abandoned backpack in severe health condition. Gina Ray found the dog inside a backpack beside the road on Saturday, January 14, while driving on Old Florence Road in Killeen. She sensed that something was not usual about the backpack, so she went to check and discovered the dog.

Ray told local news station KENS5, “I guess being nosy paid off this time. At first, all I saw was the top of his head, thought it was a little baby and then he popped out.” The woman said that her mother-in-law assisted her in bringing the dog out of the bag, which was reportedly full of excreted material.


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Now Ray’s, as well as her family’s full focus, is on the dog’s full recovery. She reportedly shared, “The goal is to get his weight up. He's an average 10 pounds, he's at six pounds right now.” The canine was also taken to a vet for a checkup and it was found that his age is nearly eight and had suffered bruises and cuts. His back leg reportedly had gone through a lot and only amputation can help him.


Ray’s mother-in-law told the station, “You know what breaks my heart is that had she not stopped, he will still be there.” Ray also stated, “To me, anybody that can do this to an animal that's living and breathing,  what else can they do. Can they do it to a human being, I mean why would they do that? You don't deserve any animals or anything actually. I'm a big believer of karma. You don't deserve that animal and now we will take care of him.”

Besides, the family has named the dachshund ‘Road Warrior’ for now as Ray added, “It's been really good, he's very calm, he loves you even though he's been abused. He will be babied and spoiled like he already is.”

Meanwhile, the heart-touching story has attracted several people’s attention on the web with a person commenting on YouTube, “Thank you to the wonderful lady saving this poor dog.❤” Another person wrote, “What the heck is going on in Texas? I live up north, and we get so many dogs from horrible situations in Texas. My current pup came from a hoarding situation in that state. She was pregnant, full of fleas and mange, and was full of bites (from the fleas and other dogs). Texans, please take care of your dogs!!!”

The third one said, “😭😭😭Dachshunds are the best breed ever! ❤❤❤ 🤬 the persons who abandoned him.” The fourth one remarked, “It was so lucky she found him. Poor dog, I hope karma gets the horrible people who hurt him,” and the fifth one added, “The person who did this is the worst kind of person that dog is so cute.”

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