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'Who's a good boy?': Fire department dog wins hearts after opening building door for fireman

The video was shared online by Georgetown Texas Fire Department that shows Koda, who is a working dog, open the door for his fireman colleague
UPDATED NOV 12, 2022
Screenshots showing the sweet moment (Twitter/ @GeorgetownTXFD)
Screenshots showing the sweet moment (Twitter/ @GeorgetownTXFD)

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS: A dog has won people’s hearts after successfully opening the front door of a building so that his human colleague, who got locked outside, could come in. Koda, who works for the Georgetown, Texas fire department, was seen in the Twitter video waiting for a staff member to come inside. However, soon it became evident that the unnamed person had forgotten his keys and was struggling to open the glass door.

The footage showed the golden retriever patiently waiting before the fireman gave him instructions through hand gestures to open the door and voila! Koda succeeded without any struggle. The clip was posted by the fire department itself.


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The first responder was then seen patting the dog as soon as he came inside. Sharing the whole episode on Twitter, the fire department located north of Austin wrote, “What happens when you get locked out of the Public Safety Building at night?  You rely on the best fire dog Koda to rescue the day!” The video grabbed a lot of eyeballs as a user commented, “Dogs began as man's friends, later went on to work for man, and now are saving the day for man. Must be tiring carrying all those responsibilities 😂.”




“Dogs are awesome. I forgot to fill my GS water bowl when he was 6 months old. At 2am, Ice and water are pouring from the fridge door dispenser,” the second user said. The third one tweeted: “Koda is awesome.  Give her a raise (and a treat). 🐕‍🦺” “What an adorable wiggle-butt... Obviously knows & love you, but might want to up the training for her to check ID. 😏🤣” the fourth one stated.




A person shared, “When your dog is smarter than you, and it makes you proud. Good job.” Another person noted: “What an awesome dog! :)” On Facebook also, a number of people appreciated Koda with one saying, “I showed my daughter this video today and we loved it. She's 6 and a huge dog lover.” Another user jokingly wrote, “Good job Koda! Smart cookie, giving Jonathan a run for his money 🤣😜.”


“Hello from Melbourne, Australia! Saw Koda in the news here and now following. Good boy, Koda!” a fan of the dog commented. A dog lover stated: “I keep saying dogs are better than people!” “Good girl, Koda. You deserve an extra treat!” another one added.

This comes after earlier this year, a hero dog named Tinsley saved her owner’s life by informing police about him after an accident. New Hampshire State Police's lieutenant Daniel Baldassarre reportedly said, "Almost alerting them to what was off the roadway, which they discovered a truck which had been overturned with two gentlemen that were ejected from the vehicle. They could tell the dog was trying to show them something because she kept trying to get away from them but didn’t run away totally. It was kind of, ‘Follow me. Follow me.’”

Later, Tinsley’s human Cam Laundry also praised her by saying: “She’s my little guardian angel you know. It’s a miracle that she had that kind of intelligence to do what she did. Of course, she never leaves my side, so we’re always together in that truck that got wrecked. She's always my co-pilot, she’s always with me.”