(G)I-DLE's 'Tomboy' bags 10 Perfect All-Kills beating aespa's record for 'Savage'

(G)I-DLE's 'Tomboy' bags 10 Perfect All-Kills beating aespa's record for 'Savage'
(G)I-DLE bags a whopping 10 PAKs for 'Tomboy' on the same day as they bag their 4th music show win for the lead single from 'I Never Die' (@official_g_i_dle/Instagram)

While one would have thought Soojin’s departure from (G)I-DLE amid her school bullying controversy would have cost the girl group their careers, things have actually changed for the better for the five remaining members of the girl group. With their most recent comeback proving to be their most successful album so far, (G)I-DLe is setting a new record among the fourth-gen girl groups and fans are here for it.

On March 26 it was first announced that (G)I-DLE’s latest hit single ‘Tomboy’, the title track of their mini-album ‘I Never Die’, bagged its fourth music show win at MBC’s music show, ‘Music Core’ defeating Jay Park’s collab with IU, ‘Ganadara’ as well as Taeyeon’s hit solo single, ‘INVU’. At the show, (G)I-DLE beat the other two artists by scoring 7,588 points on the show taking their fourth music show win for ‘Tomboy’ since its release weeks ago.


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(G)I-DLE bags 10 PAKs for 'Tomboy'

As if that was not enough, on the same day it was announced that (G)I-DLE’s ‘Tomboy’ is the first K-pop song from any music act from the fourth-gen to bag the most number of ‘Perfect All-Kills’ aka PAKs. It was reported that aespa which had bagged four PAKs for their hit 2021 single, 'Savage' had the record for the most number of Perfect All-Kills amongst fourth-gen groups. Perfect All-Kill or PAK is a music chart achievement in South Korea where a song simultaneously reaches number one on the real-time, daily, and weekly components of iChart, a music chart ranking aggregator operated by Instiz. 

The chart, iChart, which is powered by Instiz, tracks the digital scores of songs across all major Korean streaming services, including each service's real-time and daily charts. The reason behind (G)I-DLE's high score could be due to the changes made on iChart. On March 25, the iChart formally introduced the addition of YouTube Music's 'Top Songs' chart to its scoring alongside Melon, Genie, FLO, VIBE, and Bugs Music making it easier for K-pop groups to bag PAKs.

With (G)I-DLE beating aespa's record with a whopping 10 Perfect All-Kills, the single 'Tomboy' has officially become the song by a fourth-generation group with the most perfect all-kills. The single 'Tomboy' from (G)I-DLE's most recent EP has also recorded one million unique listeners on the Korean domestic music platform, MelOn. This has made 'Tomboy' the fastest 2022 song to hit this record. The single 'Tomboy' also spent 4 days at Number 1 since its release and is still holding a tough fight, maintaining its position at the top. Not only that, but this comeback is a success for (G)I-DLE as the girl group is currently Number 1 on MelOn's 'Artist Chart'.

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