Is Soojin guilty of bullying? Cube terminates her contract after police investigation

Is Soojin guilty of bullying? Cube terminates her contract after police investigation
Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin was on a hiatus after leaving the group (Korea Dispatch)

The girl group (G)I-DLE went through a rough phase back in 2021 when Soojin, who was a member of the group at the time, was accused of school bullying. This was right after their comeback with ‘I Burn.’ The singer announced her temporary hiatus from the group when the bullying scandal errupted. Months went by and there was no resolution. Then, came the sudden announcement in August 2021 that Soojin would depart from (G)I-DLE and the girl group would continue with just five members — Soyeon, Yuqi, Miyeon, Shuhua, and Minnie.

Soon after Soojin’s exit from the group, fans of the singer started theorizing that the label was forcing the member to leave (G)I-DLE in an attempt to save the reputation of the group as Soojin’s case was still under police investigation. On March 5, Cube Entertainment, the label that managed the activities of Soojin reported that they had officially terminated their contract with Soojin after the police investigation revealed that they found no grounds for a defamation case against the victim who had accused Soojin of bullying her.


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Soojin's contract terminated

Cube Entertainment reported that they had terminated their contract with Seo Soojin, a former member of the girl group (G)I-DLE, after new revelations about her case were made. A representative from the label stated that “In response to the controversy raised in February of last year, the company and Seo Soo-jin (Soojin) tried for a long time to determine the authenticity through a police investigation.” The label then reported that since the investigation had only revealed that the victim who accused Soojin was deemed “not guilty” of defamation, no further appeals would be made about the case.

The label announced they had canceled their official contract with Soojin with the conclusion saying, “We respect the results of the police investigation, and we apologize for causing concern to many people with this incident.” Now, after almost a year-long hiatus, Soojin's comeback is no longer on the cards. Fans who were rooting for the singer are confused about the statement from the label as it does not clarify if Soojin is guilty of bullying the victim.


‘So Soojin is guilty?’

Given the inconclusive statement from Cube Entertainment regarding the issue, fans have now started wondering if Soojin really is guilty of bullying the victim. Fans are also wondering if the label had decided not to pursue the case further and chosen to end their contract with Soojin instead because the former (G)I-DLE member was found guilty. One fan asked, “Am I the only one who's happy that Soojin won't be in Cube anymore?”

To that, another fan responded saying, “She’s free but at the same time they basically announced her guilty so even if she wanted to debut as a soloist idk if any company would accept her, + I doubt Soojin wants to be a celebrity anymore.. idk if we will ever hear from her.. (in a public way at least)” One more fan said, “So realistically soojin is never being an idol again but i hope everyone leaves her alone bc technically she’s not innocent or guilty! soojinstagram soon if she’s ready.”



'It does not mean Soojin bullied them'

While some fans wondered if Soojin really was a school bully, other fans rushed to her defence. One fan said, “Soojin’s situation is the same as the other member of a gg (big 3)— accusers r “not guilty” of spreading false info too but her company chose to fight for her and filed a re-investigation unlike cube who gave up on sj.” Another fan said, “At least nothing can hold her back now but the only thing i wished was her to clear her name and not some “accusers were not proved guilty” statement and cube rEsPeCtInG tHe pOLiCe’S dEcIsIon.”

One fan defended Soojin saying, “The question is, are the police finding the accuser(s) were not guilty of spreading false information because they cannot find enough sufficient & appropriate evidence or what? This is so ambiguous. To the people out there accuser(s) were not guilty doesn’t mean Soojin is guilty.” Another said, “Just because they found the accusers not guilty of false info, does not mean soojin bullied them. it just means they couldn’t find evidence that it was or wasn’t false info.”







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