(G)I-DLE 'I Never Die': Release date, tracks and all about first comeback as 5 members

(G)I-DLE 'I Never Die': Release date, tracks and all about first comeback as 5 members
The girl group (G)I-DLE gear up for the release of their first full-length album that includes 8 unique tracks, all produced by members of the group (@G_I_DLE/Twitter)

(G)I-DLE announced their first comeback one year and two months after the release of ‘I Burn’, the mini-album that was released in January 2021 when the group had six members in total. With the departure of Soojin in August 2021, all members of the group started focussing on their solo careers, with Soyeon appearing on the MBC survival show ‘My Teenage Girl’ as one of the homeroom teachers (mentors).

Other members of the group also took part in activities outside of the group. Now, Cube Entertainment, the label that manages (G)I-DLE, has announced that the five-member girl group is currently preparing to make a comeback with their first-ever studio album, 'I Never Die'. Soyeon has taken part in the production of seven of the eight unique tracks on the album.


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Release Date

(G)I-DLE will release their first full-length album ‘I Never Die’ on March 14 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

How to Listen

‘I Never Die’ will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.



1. ‘Tomboy’ [Title Track]
2. ‘Don’t Stop’ (말리지 마)
3. ‘Villain Dies’ 
4. ‘Already’
5. ‘Polaroid’
6. ‘Escape’
7. ‘Liar’
8. ‘My Bag’
9. ‘Tomboy’ (CD Only)

The girl group released the tracklist for the upcoming album which will release with the lead single, ‘Tomboy’. Fans who purchase the album will receive a special version of the lead single that will only be available on the CD. The album has members Yuqi, Minnie, and Soyeon working on most of the lyrics, with Soyeon working on all songs but ‘Polaroid’.

On the other hand, Minnie worked on the lyrics of the single ‘Already’ with Soyeon and producer Houdini whereas Yuqi worked on the lyrics of the song ‘Polaroid’ with members of the production team - Blatinum, BOYTOY, and PLZ. Being one of their most self-produced albums, Neverlands (their fans) can expect a much wider range of musical capabilities from (G)I-DLE.

(G)I-DLE release the tracklist for their first full-length album, 'I Never Die' (@G_I_DLE/Twitter)


On March 1, the girl group released the ‘Risky’ version of the concept photos for ‘I Never Die’ where they radiated unrivaled energy with their intense and deep eyes gazing into the camera. The shots that were released were solo photos of each of the five members as well as a group photo of all members together.

The group photo showcases the five luxurious and chic (G)I-DLE members with a monotone effect. On the other hand, solo photos reveal all the members but Soyeon under a red light. Soyeon alone was seen in a sepia-toned image, making fans wonder if the concept of the album is about putting the talented member at the forefront for the comeback.

Members of (G)I-DLE for the 'Risky' version for the album, 'I Never Die'(@G_I_DLE/Twitter)

Music Video

(G)I-DLE will release the music video for the title track ‘Tomboy’ from their first full-length album ‘I Never Die’ on March 14 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

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