Yuqi rejoins (G)I-DLE for year-end gigs after 8 months in China for survival show

While the five-member group (G)I-DLE is now complete with Yuqi back from China, members will have to wait for her quarantine period to end

                            Yuqi rejoins (G)I-DLE for year-end gigs after 8 months in China for survival show
(G)I-DLE's Yuqi returns to South Korea after finishing her eight-month-long schedule in China to promote year-end activities with the group (@yuqisong.923/Instagram)

After being in China for the past eight months as a contestant on the Chinese survival program ‘Explosion Stage: Stage Boom’, the K-pop group (G)I-DLE’s member Yuqi is finally back in South Korea. She was welcomed back by fans at the airport. Yuqi's fans can sigh in relief knowing that the singer will join the other members of the group for scheduled shows and activities that crowd the K-pop industry's year-end calendar.

Song Yuqi is a Chinese singer-songwriter who is active as a soloist in China. But she is also a beloved member of (G)I-DLE since her debut with the group in 2018. On November 26, Yuqi was seen entering South Korea from Incheon International Airport after returning from Beijing, China after her stint on the Chinese reality show, popularly referred to as 'Stage Boom'.


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Yuqi ousted in 10th episode of survival show

The show featuring (G)I-DLE's Yuqi premiered on August 27. Yuqi  claimed the winning title for the first competition of the show with her opening performance. Yuqi performed her song ‘Giant,' dressed in black. The song was part of her debut solo single album ‘A Page.' During her appearance on the show, Yuqi not only showed her unique visuals but also performed intensely, capturing the hearts of judges and global fans with her unique vocals.

Yuqi was eliminated from the show in its tenth episode as the last 10 Chinese female musicians performed on stage. Alongside Yuqi, the show also featured Cosmic Girls/WJSN member, Wu Xuanyi. Yuqi who is now in South Korea is reported to be on quarantine for the next ten days until December 5 after which she will resume public appearances with the rest of the (G)I-DLE members.


Where are (G)I-DLE members now?

While this year has been rough for the members and fans of (G)I-DLE, their agency rubbed salt to the wounds of fans and members reporting that the group will not have their Season’s Greetings for 2022. The year 2021 started off badly for the group with former member Soojin being accused of being a school bully — something unacceptable by the standards that idols and other Korean celebrities are held to. While Cube Entertainment and Soojin herself did not accept the allegations, she was put on an undefined hiatus with no news of a return. This led to fans correctly surmising that Cube Entertainment wanted to kick the idol out of the group.

On August 14, Cube Entertainment announced that Soojin had departed from the group and that (G)I-DLE would continue as a five-member group. Cube Entertainment reported that 2022 Season’s Greetings from (G)I-DLE had been canceled because the members of the group were busy with their schedules. While all the current members of the group are busy with solo projects, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon was in the news for being part of the new MBC girl group audition program titled, ‘My Teenage Girl’.


While Soyeon is not a contestant on the show, she will be working alongside singer Ock Joo Hyun, Girls Generation's Yuri, and choreographer Aiki as mentors to the female trainees on the show. The show featuring Soyeon as a mentor is slated to premiere next week on November 28 at 8:20 pm KST (6:20 am ET) where a total of 83 female contestants will be competing for a spot in a global girl group project.

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