‘FUBAR’ Episode 4 Review: Carter surprises Emma with a cheesy proposal

‘FUBAR’ Episode 4 Review: Carter surprises Emma with a cheesy proposal
Carter asks Emma the big question in 'FUBAR' Episode 4 (Netflix)

'FUBAR' Episode 4 spoilers 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix’s latest action-comedy series ‘FUBAR’ has been an interesting mix of humor, intriguing missions, and complex relationships so far. While Emma and Luke’s relationship is one of the more complicated ones, and in the foreground, Emma and her boyfriend Carter’s relationship hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, the first three episodes have focussed a little on Emma and Carter, leading up to a big reveal in ‘FUBAR’ Episode 4.

‘FUBAR’ Episode 4 gets off to an interesting start as Carter shocks Emma, Luke, and the viewers with an expensive violin and an engagement ring. Episode 3 included Emma seducing a man while on a mission, so the question popped up as an interesting surprise. As Emma continues to struggle with her father and their relationship, she has to make room for Carter on the same plate. Nevertheless, Monica Barbaro continues to deliver a stellar performance as Emma, episode after episode!


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Does Emma say yes?

As Emma and Luke approach their house, there’s a huge heart out front, and the viewers already have an inkling about what might happen. However, Emma and Luke seem clueless as they approach Tally who stands next to the big heart. Within seconds, Carter bursts through the heart, holding a violin case as he approaches Emma. As it turns out, he bought Emma one of the most expensive violins that she always had her heart set on. But it doesn’t end just there. Carter gets down on one knee as he pulls out a little box, asking Emma to marry him.


Given the conversation Emma had with Luke at the very beginning of ‘FUBAR’ Episode 4, this could have easily ended in a messy breakup filled with tears. Instead, Emma says yes! Luke is surprised, and not in a good way. Emma, on the other hand, looks like she has a million thoughts running through her mind, but did she make the right decision?

Emma remains confused

Throughout ‘FUBAR’ Episode 4, Emma's assent to the proposal remains in the background and is mentioned from time to time. There’s even an engagement party, followed by an exciting mission, but the whole time, Emma is contemplating her decision. There’s a part of her that is thrilled to be engaged to the love of her life, except it does put a damper on her job as a CIA agent. In addition, she also wants Carter to be a little more risky and fun, and their entire relationship seems to be at the edge of a cliff. Emma might be engaged to Carter, but she is married to her profession!


You can stream all episodes of ‘FUBAR’ exclusively on Netflix from May 25, 2023.

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 ‘FUBAR’ Episode 4 Review: Will she say yes? Carter surprises Emma with a cheesy proposal