‘FUBAR’ Episode 2 Review: Emma and Carter’s relationship is put to test as she continues living double life

‘FUBAR’ Episode 2 Review: Emma and Carter’s relationship is put to test as she continues living double life
Emma lies to Carter about her whereabouts in 'FUBAR' Episode 2 (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'FUBAR' Episode 2

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: One of the best things about ‘FUBAR’ is its range of characters and the actors and actresses who bring them to life. While Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most popular face on ‘FUBAR’ the focus often shifts to the other cast members too. In ‘FUBAR’ Episode 2, we get a glimpse into Emma Brunner’s relationship with her boyfriend, Carter. Their relationship was introduced in Episode 1, and there’s no doubt that Carter is a loving, caring, and devoted boyfriend.

However, if there’s one thing everyone knows from all CIA movies and TV shows, that relationships are a lot harder to maintain than one can comprehend. One of the best American classics, ‘True Lies’ was based on this very premise. As 'FUBAR' progresses, we see Emma and Carter’s relationship being put to the test. How long will they last?


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The lies get harder to keep away

Emma has to keep her job a secret from her boyfriend, who wants to do nothing but spend all this time with her, making her happy. In the pilot of ‘FUBAR’ it was established that Luke Brunner wasn’t too impressed with Carter, and although the viewers didn’t see much of him at first, he gets a little more screen time this time around! Emma and Carter from a distance are a perfectly cute couple doing romantic things together, but in reality, their relationship might be crumbling. More often than not, Emma has to bail out on plans, leave dates early, and it’s all getting to Carter. His grandest gestures get 3 seconds of Emma’s attention, and he isn’t too thrilled about it.


It is slowly but steadily dawning upon Emma, that maybe relationships for a CIA agent are a lot harder than she imagined. Through this, she is also able to step into her father’s shoes, who was away a lot and absent for most of his marriage. Emma might be afraid that she and Carter will end up like her parents, and that’s the last thing she wants.

Can Emma and Carter have a happy ending?

If there is one person who can probably give Emma some good relationship advice in this context, it has to be her father. He has been through it all in his 40 years working with the CIA and watching his marriage fall apart. Emma’s mother, Tally, expressed her thoughts and let Emma know that Carter was truly upset after she bailed on their plans together. On one hand, Emma is hoping to fix her relationship with her boyfriend, and on another, she must focus on the mission!


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 ‘FUBAR’ Episode 2 Review: Emma and Carter’s relationship in jeopardy as secrets pile up