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‘FUBAR’ Episode 3 Review: Emma seduces a man during a mission as her relationship hangs by a thread

'FUBAR' Episode 3 comes with a classic honeypot and leaves the viewers guessing how Emma’s commitment to the mission will affect her relationship
Emma Brunner gets ready for a mission in 'FUBAR' Episode 3 (Netflix)
Emma Brunner gets ready for a mission in 'FUBAR' Episode 3 (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'FUBAR' Episode 3

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘FUBAR’s charm primarily lies in its characters and the missions. Despite the overused plotlines for missions, there’s something incredibly unique about this action-comedy series. As the series progresses, things get hot and heavy in ‘FUBAR’ Episode 3, just not in the way one would expect. While all characters have plenty going on for them, Emma Brunner and her boyfriend, Carter, are definitely the talk of the town, for viewers especially.

The previous episode detailed the growing struggle in Emma and Carter's relationship, and ‘FUBAR’ Episode 3 takes it a few notches higher. Undoubtedly, Emma would do anything for a mission to succeed, especially when lives depend on it. But, does that include cheating on her loving and doting boyfriend?


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It is time for a honeypot!

More often than not, spy films and shows use the ‘honeypot’ technique, which involves seducing the target to retrieve information. In ‘FUBAR’ Episode 3, a little typo turns Nika into Nik and Emma has to step up. While her father Luke Brunner is incredibly uncomfortable, they both realize that it has to be done. Emma has other reasons too, her boyfriend being the most important one. Emma admits that she would never cheat on him, and hasn’t even kissed anyone since they got together. However, her team member, Aldon, reminds her that this is for the greater good. As ‘FUBAR’ Episode 3 progresses, the mission takes a backseat because all anyone can focus on is whether or not Emma will cheat on Carter for the job.

It doesn’t take long for Emma to get the target, Nik, interested in her, as they make their way up to his room. Now, all Emma has to do is retrieve some files and get out of there. If only it were that simple. As everyone watches on, Emma has to do what needs to be done in this situation because she’s nothing if not a good agent and team player. Things escalate and get extremely hot and heavy between Nik and Emma, although her focus stays on retrieving information. There’s even spanking involved! When Nik sees a picture of Emma and Carter on her phone, she claims he is her brother with special needs. Lucky for Emma, Carter wasn’t around for any of this.

Emma seduces target on mission in 'FUBAR' Episode 3 (Netflix)
Emma seduces her target on a mission in 'FUBAR' Episode 3 (Netflix)

Will Emma come clean?

At the end of ‘FUBAR’ Episode 3, Emma is caught snooping by Nik as he holds a gun. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, and as much as viewers will be concerned about Emma, there are bigger and burning questions. Will Emma come clean to Carter? Their relationship is already rocky with Carter wanting a marriage and children soon, but maybe none of that is in the cards for this couple anymore. Only time will tell!

You can stream all episodes of ‘FUBAR’ exclusively on Netflix from May 25, 2023.