‘FUBAR’ Episode 1 Review: Emma Brunner lashes out at Luke, blames him for her messed up childhood

‘FUBAR’ Episode 1 Review: Emma Brunner lashes out at Luke, blames him for her messed up childhood
Emma lashes out at her father, Luke, in 'FUBAR' Episode 1 (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'FUBAR' Episode 1

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘FUBAR’ is off to a strong start with some brilliant action and comedy, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead as Luke Brunner. The premise of ‘FUBAR’ is rather simple but the complexities lie in the father-daughter relationship between Luke and his daughter, Emma, played by Monica Barbaro. ‘FUBAR’ Episode 1 is action-packed in every way possible, and if you are a fan of some good old action sequences laced with comedy, ‘FUBAR’ might be the perfect show for you.

Despite the action, comedy and introduction to a plethora of characters, the focus of ‘FUBAR’ Episode 1 remains on Luke and Emma, the father-daughter duo, who are the focal point of this series. In just one episode, we see them go through some major highs and lows, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship pans out in the rest of the series.


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Emma blames Luke for it all

The cat is out of the bag. Emma and Luke are both aware of their secret professions. While the trailer revealed the turbulent father-daughter relationship, ‘FUBAR’ Episode 1 sheds light on the father and daughter being polar opposites in a span of 55 minutes. An hour is not enough for Luke and Emma to sort their relationship out. When tensions get high toward the second half of the episode, Emma blows up. She realizes that her parents' marriage ended because of her father, even though she spent her life convincing herself otherwise.


Emma does not hold back as she lashes out at her father, who tries his best to defend himself and the circumstances he was in. ‘FUBAR’ Episode 1 has one emotional moment, when Emma delivers a monologue about her childhood and how hard she tried to be perfect, just so her father would stick around a little more. Luke and Emma’s conversation is cut short in this episode, but they will certainly be picking it up later.

Can they make it up to each other?

Luke and Emma both have a significant amount of making up to do when it comes to their relationships and secrets. Working in close quarters will do them some good, and help them understand each other a little more. Luke is close to retiring from this life, but getting his perfect relationship with his daughter back on track might be the most important mission he has right now, and it must be accomplished.


You can stream all episodes of ‘FUBAR’ exclusively on Netflix.

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 ‘FUBAR’ Episode 1 Review: Emma Brunner lashes out at Luke, blames him for her messed up childhood