'FUBAR' Ending Explained: A bloody wedding, revealed identities, and the death of [SPOILER]

'FUBAR' Ending Explained: A bloody wedding, revealed identities, and the death of [SPOILER]
The Brunners and the CIA agent drive away after the wedding from hell in 'FUBAR' Episode 8 (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'FUBAR' Episode 8

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: An action-packed ending is exactly what one would expect from Netflix’s latest series, ‘FUBAR'. Whether you’re watching it for the plot or solely for Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s plenty in store for you when it comes to the season finale of ‘FUBAR'. Several minor and major developments have been made in the previous episodes of the series, and the finale attempts to tie some loose ends, while also leaving plenty of room for another season.

‘FUBAR’ Episode 8 has everything one would want to witness in a season finale. There’s action, drama, romantic confessions, a lot of gun violence, and of course, the staple of every action series – a whole lot of blood. Luke and Emma Brunner have managed to keep their CIA identities and secrets secure for far too long, but the cat is finally out of the bag.


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A bloody wedding

Tally and Donnie are set to get married in ‘FUBAR’ Episode 8, and Luke shows up with some daisies, wishing the bride and groom luck. It takes a while and some tough love from Emma for Luke to realize that he is giving up on the love of his life once again. So, Luke decides to confront Tally about the last four decades of his life and how he’s finally ready to devote his entire life to her. Before Tally and Luke can actually get together…or not, there’s an explosion! Of course, this wedding wasn’t going to go smoothly, but it was a lot more brutal than one would have anticipated.


Within moments, there is a whole lot of firing, and Luke and Emma pull their guns out, shooting at the men. At this point, their identity is revealed to everyone at the church, but with bullets flying around everywhere, no one has a second to comprehend what's happening. Once Luke and Emma think that everyone is taken care of, they are in for an even bigger surprise.

Boro makes a comeback!

We all remember Boro, who was left to die by the father-daughter duo, don’t we? Well, he survived with some damage to his face because of the radiation poisoning. Now, he is holding Tally at gunpoint and has only one wish – Emma and Luke kill each other. It is the only way he will let Tally go, but when all seems finished, Luke has one final trick up his sleeve. Earlier, while confessing to Tally, he had handed her his medal, a very sharp one. With a little nudge, he manages to give Tally the hint, who uses the metal to injure Boro. This time around, Luke and Emma don’t think twice before shooting him, multiple times until they know for sure that he is dead.


Boro holds Tally hostage in 'FUBAR' Episode 8 (Netflix)
Boro holds Tally hostage in 'FUBAR' Episode 8 (Netflix)

A runaway wedding

Even though the big bad villain Boro might be dead, Emma and Luke’s identities have been compromised. This puts them and their loved ones in danger. A van arrives for them as the entire wedding party climbs in, some from the CIA and the others clueless about what’s going on with them. Tally just wants to go home after the disastrous day but Luke makes it very clear that won’t be possible. There’s a trail of enemies looking for Luke and Emma, and they all drive away leaving plenty of room for another season of ‘FUBAR'.


You can stream all episodes of ‘FUBAR’ exclusively on Netflix from May 25, 2023.

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 'FUBAR' Ending Explained: Who dies in the season finale? Bloody wedding outs secret identities