Did fromis_9 copy TWICE again? ONCES allege 'DM' plagiarized beat from 'The Feels'

Did fromis_9 copy TWICE again? ONCES allege 'DM' plagiarized beat from 'The Feels'
Fans of TWICE point out that 'DM' from fromis_9's latest album is very similar to 'The Feels' from the JYP Entertainment group (@JYPETWICE, @realfromis_9/Twitter)

Fans of TWICE are adamant that fromis_9 is trying to plagiarize TWICE’s hit English single, ‘The Feels,' in their upcoming single ‘DM’. But Flovers (fans of fromis_9) are accusing Onces (fans of TWICE) of turning into bullies. There's never a day in the K-pop world where fans of different groups do not clash over both petty and sometimes relevant issues. This is one issue that initially seemed petty but after reviewing fan-collected evidence, the plagarism allegation does seems relevant.

fromis_9, the girl group that made their debut under Pledis Entertainment, dropped their fourth mini-album ‘Midnight Guest’ on January 17, 2022, with the title track, ‘DM’. Ahead of the release of the music video for the song, they released a bunch of promotional concepts to tease the song. The first in the series of promotional activities had fromis_9 inviting Flovers to attend the release of the cheery song. TWICE fans noticed that the invitation from fromis_9 was exactly the same as TWICE’s invitation for ‘The Feels’ that dropped back in October 2021.


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fromis_9 anger TWICE fandom again

TWICE fans pointed out that recently released teasers of ‘DM’ from fromis_9 play the same beat as that of TWICE’s ‘The Feels’. They are trying to prove that the hit single from the JYP Entertainment girl group is being plagiarized in fromis_9's new song 'DM' and the girl group has not being subtle about it either. While Onces are not outrightly blaming members of formis_9 but merely pointing out that if roles were reversed, TWICE would have been called out for the same thing.

To prove their point, TWICE fans overlayed the snippet from the teasers released from fromis_9 on January 15 over the acoustic version of TWICE’s ‘The Feels’ and it was evident how both songs carried the same beat. While Flovers are blaming ‘Collapsedone’, who took part in the production of both singles, they are also pointing out that since the vibe and the concept of both songs are similar, it was natural to have similar sounding rhythms. Flovers are now reporting TWICE fans who have accused fromis_9 of plagiarization.


'So what do you expect?'

Flovers rushed to the defense of formis_9 stating that the instrumental track for ‘DM’ holds only passing resemblance to ‘The Feels’ from TWICE and it was not fair to accuse fromis_9 of copying TWICE. One fan said, “MFS i am both a huge fan of twice and fromis_9. and istg i've listened to the feels more than you could ever think but.... this doesn't sound like The Feels at all..?” Another responded, “Only the instrumental but the whole its NO, like the feels is not even a twice concept, their concept changes every comeback.” Another fan said, “Twice and fromis_9 are both same composed and arranged, so what do you expect?”

Fans of TWICE reported, “Ohh my bad svt and enhypen has an invitation first before twice” mf you dumb or sumn How can engenes and carats accuse tw of plagiarism when there's a big difference between the invitation letter they used💀 meannwhile the dm one is literally a copycat of the feels invitation.” One more fan of TWICE said, “It wouldn't have gotten this far if flovers didn't acted brave and calling twice over or flopping or saying that the feels was not good . You like playing victim but trust me if you guys kept silent no one would've dragged fromis for this issue.”

Another TWICE fan pointed, “I wouldn't be a problem if it was the same style, which Feel Good and The Feels are, but DM literally has Nayeon's vocals made a midi, i really don't know what else do you guys need.” Another fan said, “Watch people that came at twice for the feels praise fromis for their new song.” One more fan said, “Criminal charge? People acting as if someone got physically hurt.”












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