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With BTS on break, HYBE boy groups take over US TIME mag's 'Best in K-pop'

HYBE becomes the only label with most groups on TIME Magazine's 2021 'Best in Kpop' list with groups like Seventeen, TXT and Enhypen
The three K-pop groups from HYBE take it up to themselves to represent the label on US Time's Magazine's list of best K-pop songs and albums in 2021 (@pledis_17jp, @TXT_bighit, @ENYPEN/Twitter)
The three K-pop groups from HYBE take it up to themselves to represent the label on US Time's Magazine's list of best K-pop songs and albums in 2021 (@pledis_17jp, @TXT_bighit, @ENYPEN/Twitter)

TIME Magazine dropped a list on December 9 that ranked the best songs and albums of K-pop that were released this year. The list features different K-pop acts be it solo or group and describes their songs and albums and ranks them as the best of K-pop in 2021 in no rank or order.

With 10 songs from various acts and ten different albums from various other acts, the list is as varied as it gets. The only label that shines is HYBE with not one but three of their biggest boy groups dominating both the songs as well as the albums list. By Enhypen taking a spot on the Songs list for their song ‘Fever’ as well as Seventeen for their last release, ‘Rock With You’, HYBE had not one but two boy groups dominate the list.


TIME's Best K-pop Albums and Songs of 2021: TXT, Taemin, STAYC and Chungha listed

HYBE announces ‘2022 Weverse Con’ with TXT, Enhypen, Seventeen as well as Justin Bieber

In TIME’s Best Album list, TXT steps in to join the list representing HYBE with their first re-issue album, ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape’. The list from TIME does not feature a single release from HYBE’s biggest boy band BTS but it proves the fact that HYBE has more in store for fans with the other groups under the label.


HYBE goes global

HYBE has turned into a huge conglomerate after acquiring and partnering with many other labels like CJ E&M and Pledis Entertainment and more alongside their original label Big Hit Music (initially Big Hit Entertainment) which proves a fact that there is no stopping the label anytime soon. 

Back in April of 2021, HYBE made the power move of acquiring 100% stakes of Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings and acquired SB Projects that manages artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande solidifying their global superpower. This goes on to prove that HYBE currently not only dominating the K-pop industry but also showing its global dominance.


HYBE’s artists take charge while BTS rests

While holding their control over K-pop with the supergroup BTS, HYBE has no plans of putting the pressure on the septet alone as other groups under HYBE like Seventeen (with Pledis Entertainment), Enhypen (with Belift Labs) and TXT (with Big Hit Music) that all represent HYBE, take over charts and lists like this one from TIME Magazine while BTS members take their first break till March 2022 for the first time in two years.


The three groups Seventeen, Enhypen, and TXT will also meet fans at the ‘2022 Weverse Con: New Era’ representing HYBE labels as other HYBE exclusive groups and artists like formis_9 as well as American singer, Justin Bieber joining the event on December 31, 2021.