'Feel Good (Secret Code)': Fromis_9 return with feel-good tune, fans rejoice after '470 days' wait

The group's extended hiatus seemed to never end, but their fans' patience has been rewarded with a song that's sure to have them on their feet

                            'Feel Good (Secret Code)': Fromis_9 return with feel-good tune, fans rejoice after '470 days' wait
(Stone Music Entertainment)

K-pop girl group Fromis_9 make their return after over a year with their third EP, 'My Little Society', which features the title track, 'Feel Good (Secret Code)'. Originally a nine-member group, Fromis_9 will promote this release with only eight members owing to Lee Seo-yeon's recent leg injury causing her to sit this round of activities out.

Fromis_9 debuted in 2018 with their EP 'To. Heart'. After initially being formed by CJ&M and managed by Stone Entertainment, the group was moved over to Stone Music's new label, Off The Record Entertainment, the same year of their debut, following which they dropped two more albums before they seemingly disappeared in 2019. Fans speculated the group's unofficial hiatus was a result of the vote manipulation scandal that plagued the television channel Mnet that year, which specifically pertained to their reality competition shows 'Produce 101' and 'Idol School', the latter being one Fromis_9 were a part of. With neither the group nor their label offering an answer, fans soon came to believe the group had been disbanded. When news broke of their return, their fans were, naturally, over the moon. And their patience has certainly been rewarded, seeing as Fromis_9 have delivered a stunningly smooth title track accompanied by gorgeous visuals for their big comeback.

Fromis_9 in a still from 'Feel Good' (Stone Music Entertainment)

Fans couldn't help but share how emotional they were to finally have Fromis_9 back. "THEY'RE BACK," declared one fan, "CLOVERS!! FINALLY! Its been 1 years 3 month and now *sobs* we're back!" shared another, "After a year and 3 months, the girls whose dream is to perform is finally back! They put their entire being & soul into this. Please give them the warmest of welcome and support," said one fan, and another, evidently counting the days, stated, "470 DAYS OF WAIT MY GIRLS ARE BACK." Given the smiles the girls are sporting in their new music video for the title track, it's clear they're just as happy to be back as their fans are to have them.





The song itself is a solid return for the girls, demonstrating their vocals while also being a feel-good track that's sure to have fans grooving along for days. One fan said, "HAYOUNG'S CHORUS THO IN FEEL GOOD," and another, clearly already head-over-heels for the catchy tune, shared, "Coz I feel good nanananana nanananana." One fan stated, "Feel Good is a bop," and another declared, "FEEL GOOD SONG OF THE YEAR IDCCCCC."





Check out Fromis_9's comeback single 'Feel Good (Secret Code)' below:


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