‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5 Review: Could Alex Forrest have killed herself? Dan Gallagher may have to take the blame

‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5 Review: Could Alex Forrest have killed herself? Dan Gallagher may have to take the blame
Alex and Dan have a violent confrontation that may have led to her death (Paramount Plus/YouTube)

Spoilers for ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Paramount+’s reboot series, ‘Fatal Attraction’ has added a lot of new elements to make the story more modern. One of these elements includes dividing the blame between Alex Forrest and Dan Gallagher, and this was glaringly visible in ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5. As the series moves forward, viewers will find themselves conflicted between supporting Alex or Dan.

Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson continue to deliver brilliant performances as Alex and Dan, despite the plot lacking substance from time to time. There are times ‘Fatal Attraction’ feels like it’s trying too hard, but Episode 5 actually does a good job invoking the craziness as Dan puts Alex in a chokehold…literally.


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Did Dan try to kill Alex?

There is no doubt that Alex is crazy, and that was established in the opening sequence of ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5 when she let her intrusive thoughts win and killed Beth’s mother. Alex is also shockingly good at wiping away any evidence of her being at the Gallagher residence.


This makes one wonder if this was the first time she killed anyone, especially since she seemed so unfazed by it all. With a dead mother, and Ellen going missing, Dan realizes that he has had enough. He makes his way to Alex’s apartment, and in a very aggressive fashion, pins her to the floor as he chokes her. Although viewers know there’s a lot more to come, it almost felt like a finale.

Dan warns her, threatens her and finally asks her to kill herself before he goes away. Even after 5 episodes, it is hard to read Alex’s expressions and what might be going on in her mind, but we know she’s up to something.


Could Alex have killed herself?

Alex would rather destroy Dan before she kills herself, but right now, viewers are led to believe that she might possibly be dead. The large amount of blood on her floor definitely hints at something gone wrong. However, this could give rise to another interesting theory. Alex fakes her own death and blames it on Dan, while she goes on to wreak havoc on the Gallaghers and of course, the bunny, who made no appearance in this episode. The bunny was missed. There’s still a long way to go, but it will be interesting to find out who killed Alex…or if she’s dead at all.

‘Fatal Attraction’ is now streaming on Paramount+.

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 ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5 Review: After Dan Gallagher's threat, has Alex Forrest killed herself?