'Fatal Attraction' Episode 4 Review: Dan suspects Alex Forrest as tragedy hits Gallagher home

'Fatal Attraction' Episode 4 Review: Dan suspects Alex Forrest as tragedy hits Gallagher home
Alex Forrest makes her way into the Gallagher residence in 'Fatal Attraction' Episode 4 (Paramount+)

Spoilers for ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4, ‘Beautiful Mosaics’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Paramount+ journeyed through a huge undertaking when they decided to turn an 80s classic into a modern series. While certain aspects of the ‘Fatal Attraction’ series are fairly tame, the others have taken it up a notch. ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 is proof that this series isn’t here to play and while a bunny might not be boiled just yet, there are other things that might happen.

‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 focuses largely on Beth Gallagher and her journey to figuring out that her husband, Dan Gallagher might be involved with another woman. However, amidst all this, tragedy strikes. 1987 Alex Forrest boiled a bunny, in this modern reboot, what is Alex capable of?


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Tragedy strikes at the Gallagher residence!

Beth’s parents make an appearance in ‘Fatal Attraction’ once in a while. Their scenes are sprinkled over, but Sophie, Beth’s mother, plays an important role in ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4. As Beth and her father, Warren, make their way to run important errands, Beth leaves her mother in charge of the house, their dog Quincy, and their daughter Ellen. Beth has a range of instructions for Sophie, who agrees to it all, reassuring Beth. At this point, the amount of emphasis being given to this is a hint enough that something bad is going to happen.


When Beth and her father are back home, she immediately notices her dog’s absence and goes to look for him. She soon realizes that Quincy, the dog, might have drowned in the pool. Without any hesitation, Beth jumps into the pool, only to realize that it was her mother underwater, still as ever. After Beth pulls her mother out and cops come around to investigate, the focus shifts to a conversation between Beth and Dan. Beth is convinced that her mother prioritized drinking wine over Quincy and Ellen, which eventually led to the incident. However, Dan isn’t convinced, because his mind goes straight to Alex Forrest.

Did Alex try to drown Beth’s mother?

Dan is convinced that Alex was at the house when Beth and everyone else were away, and that is entirely possible that she was behind it all. There are several things that could have landed Beth’s mother in the swimming pool, but Alex is one huge possibility. She knows the address, she has stalker-ish tendencies, and she’s clearly still upset with Dan. Frankly, Alex is responsible for this and would build brilliantly on her character. If Dan wants the craziness to stop and protect the people around him, he’s going to have to take some big steps. Although, is he ready to take that responsibility?


You can stream ‘Fatal Attraction’ on Paramount+ from April 30, 2023.

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 'Fatal Attraction' Episode 4 Review: Did Alex Forrest try to drown Beth's mother?