‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 Review: Beth Gallagher gets suspicious about Alex, but will Dan come clean?

‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 Review: Beth Gallagher gets suspicious about Alex, but will Dan come clean?
Beth and Dan Gallagher before matters get worse in 'Fatal Attraction' Episode 4 (Paramount+)

Spoilers for ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4, ‘Beautiful Mosaics’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA:  If you are watching ‘Fatal Attraction’ primarily for Lizzy Caplan’s portrayal of Alex Forrest, its completely understandable, but in that case, ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 might not be your cup of tea. As the Paramount+ series moves forward, viewers are welcomed with a deeper look into different characters and their perspectives. That’s the advantage of a series instead of a movie, there’s time to explore different characters and points of view.


In ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4, titled, ‘Beautiful Mosaics’ we catch a glimpse at Beth Gallagher, who has been glaringly side-lined in the first three episodes. Sure, ‘Fatal Attraction is primarily about Alex and Dan Gallagher, but Beth’s character is just as interesting, and 'Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 is here to tell the viewers why.


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Deep down, Beth knows!

‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 was a long time coming because if a series had to be made, it was important to explore every nook and cranny and make sure that no stone was left unturned. One such stone is Beth, the housewife. In the original movie, Beth comes off as someone who is blissfully unaware and absent for most of the movie. She only comes into action after she finds out about Dan’s affair with Alex. The Paramount+ series is taking a slightly different route, and while this particular episode might feel like a filler, it’s an important one!


It isn’t the '80s anymore, and wives are clearly more aware of what their husbands are up to. Although Beth is portrayed as innocent, she is smart, and there’s no denying that. Throughout ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4, we see Beth picking up on little signs that point to Dan’s affair, and although she can’t be completely sure, a woman simply knows. Whether it’s how her house smells different, or Dan cheekily checking his phone during dinner. The tipping point seems to be when Alex and Dan interact during the open house and starts to put the dots together. This feels like a fresh and welcomed addition to the 'Fatal Attraction’ reboot series!

Does Dan come clean?

‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 ends on a much-needed cliffhanger, because while this episode did give us some more insight into a different perspective of the affair, it wasn’t gripping enough. The episode ends with Dan coming home and telling Beth he needs to talk to her. Considering her body language and expression, she already knows what it’s all about, the affair. After a long hard day, Beth doesn’t want to have this conversation, but Dan insists it happens now.


‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 is the mid-point of the series, which means things are about to get crazier moving forward! How will Beth react when Dan comes clean and the threads of their marriage slowly begin to fall apart?

You can stream ‘Fatal Attraction’ on Paramount+ from April 30, 2023.

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 ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 Review: Did Beth Gallagher know about Dan's affair with Alex all along?