‘Fatal Attraction’: Iconic bunny's tragic fate yet to unravel as Alex Forrest’s twisted intentions continue

‘Fatal Attraction’: Iconic bunny's tragic fate yet to unravel as Alex Forrest’s twisted intentions continue
Alex Forrest and the iconic bunny in 'Fatal Attraction' (Paramount+)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The first four episodes of Paramount+'s series 'Fatal Attraction' are now streaming, with a few callbacks to the original movie in 1987. Although the series pales in comparison, it has done a good job of incorporating the old and new in this modern mashup of an affair gone wrong. There are several moving parts and subplots in 'Fatal Attraction' with Alex Forrest and Dan Gallagher's stories in the spotlight.

Although Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson, along with Amanda Peet, have delivered some compelling performances in the first four episodes, curiosity continues to remain about the rabbit. If you don't know what the fuss about the bunny is, a quick stream of the original 'Fatal Attraction' would help. Nevertheless, we're curious too, what's going to happen to the bunny?


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What’s the bunny all about?

In the original 1987 ‘Fatal Attraction,’ Glenn Close’s character, Alex Forrest, goes on a manic rampage when she boils Ellen Gallagher’s bunny in hot water, in his residence no less. This scene was disturbing and gained a huge fan following for just how extreme it was. People remembered the movie by this particular scene. So, without a doubt, fans wondered if this scene would be replicated in Paramount+’s reboot, ‘Fatal Attraction.’


So far, in the span of four episodes, the infamous bunny has appeared twice already, and its origin is different from the 1987 movie. There is already one stark difference, and it will be interesting to see how differently the bunny might be used in the coming episodes. Is this something the creators leave for the season finale?

What is going to happen to the bunny?

For starters, it has been established that the bunny does not belong to Ellen or at least hasn’t been adopted by the Gallaghers so far. That takes away at least a smidge of the gruesomeness because at least the bunny isn’t a child's pet. Since the boiling bunny scene has been so incredibly popular for different reasons, Lizzy Caplan did hint at what might happen to it in the series. “Times have changed, and yet I would argue that killing a rabbit maybe would have been better than what she actually does in the show," Caplan said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.


Two scenes have introduced the animal, and Caplan has made a statement about it too, but in this modern rendition of ‘Fatal Attraction’ can one really expect the same level of thrill? It does state that the animal’s fate is worse than death, and that could have been said to pique curiosity among the viewers. Well, mission accomplished!

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 ‘Fatal Attraction': Will the iconic bunny-boiler scene be recreated? Rabbit's cameo piques curiosity