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Fans call Apink's Chorong ‘too kind’ for dropping all charges against her false accuser

Chorong was cleared of all bullying charges as it was revealed the accusations of Ms. Kim A against the Apink leader were false
Apink fans think that Chorong is too kind to let her false accuser walk away as she drops defamation charges against Ms. A (@Apink_2011/Twitter)
Apink fans think that Chorong is too kind to let her false accuser walk away as she drops defamation charges against Ms. A (@Apink_2011/Twitter)

The beginning 2021 hit K-pop stans hard as one after the other many K-pop idols were accused of school bullying. While some idols came out unscathed out of their controversies like Seventeen’s Mingyu or Stray Kids’ Hyunjin among others, many celebrities lost their careers to these allegations from alleged victims. Be it Actor Kim Jisoo who took his retirement from the Entertainment industry altogether or be it (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, who fans claim was forced to exit the girl group amid her unresolved bullying controversy.

Apink who was set to celebrate their 10th anniversary since debut in 2021 was also hit badly after the IST Entertainment girl group’s leader Chorong was embroiled in a bullying scandal where her friend Ms. Kim A accused her of allegedly slapping her as a teen while the two were classmates. This accusation led Chorong to sue the alleged victim for defamation and the spread of false information back in April of 2021 which eventually led the group to delay their 10th Anniversary special album, ‘Horn’ as well as inadvertent absence from its promotions this year.


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Apink Chorong withdraws lawsuit against bullying accuser

While Chorong was embroiled in the school bullying controversy, the rest of the Apink members as well as their label patiently waited for the investigation to reveal Chorong’s truth as the alleged victim Miss Kim A (aka Ms. Kim A) threatened Chorong bringing the case up to prosecution. Soon after that, the accusations made against Chorong were revealed to be false back in November 2021 and the girl group was finally able to make a comeback for their fans in February of 2022.


Finally giving Chorong some resolution from the drama, on March 28 IST Entertainment released their official statement revealing that Chorong was moving forward from the controversy and had dropped all charges against the false accuser A. The label said that “Park Chorong and A have resolved all misunderstandings and they are currently in the process of dismissing the lawsuits they filed against each other.”

The label also revealed that both parties had discussed the issue earnestly and had overcome all misunderstandings.


‘Chorong forgives but we don’t’

Fans of Apink are glad that the controversy is resolved and happy about the fact that Chorong will finally be able to move on. But Pink Pandas (fans of Apink) are also not happy with the fact that the accuser will now be able to walk free without having to face any repercussions for her actions that led to the malignment of Chorong’s reputation as well as a delay in Apink’s comeback which was the main cause behind Naeun’s absence from ‘Horn’ promotions. One fan said, "Chorong forgives, but i don't. Kim ruined our precious tenth anniversary..."

Another fan said, "Chorong is a kind person. She forgives even those who caused her pain and harm. I on the other hand don't forgive Kim. I realize I am of minor importance in this issue, but Kim caused harm to more people than just our leader. May God deal with you in this life & the afterlife Kim." One more fan explained, "I understand that Chorong is kind so she's letting this go and moving on with her life, but as a Panda, I can't help but feel bitter about this. This so-called Party A ruined Chorong and Apink. It was our 10th anniversary, we were supposed to have the best time and celebrate but this person ruined everything. Worse, it raised doubt among the fandom and we suffered in hopelessness because of this. I'm glad Chorong can be happy that this is finally over, but I can't help but feel off.. these kind of ppl deserve punishment for their actions."

One upset fan said, "Apink (especially Chorong) and Pandas suffering for 1 year in pain and hopelessness during our supposed happiest 10th anniversary year. Party A let off for free after causing mental & emotional distress for multiple ppl without punishment." One more fan added, "That friend shouldn't be called a friend. they ruined the other person image and life. can she imagine the hurt and hate that chorong received. i hope they won't contact each other anymore and just go on with each other life."