Apink Chorong's underage drinking scandal: New allegations following school violence claims dubbed 'fishy'

Prior to the underage drinking accusations, which receive a lot of criticism in South Korea, a former friend revealed horrific details of abuse

                            Apink Chorong's underage drinking scandal: New allegations following school violence claims dubbed 'fishy'
Apink's Chorong accused of underage drinking along with physical abuse and school bullying allegations (Apink Chorong/Instagram)

Following a series of school violence allegations, Apink’s Chorong is currently under fire for underage drinking accusations. A former friend of Apink’s Chorong who was slapped with a lawsuit previously for spreading ‘false’ information by Play M Entertainment has started sharing her side of the story. After accusing the K-pop star of physically abusing her, the former friend/ accuser has shared a number of photos where Apink’s Chorong is on a table with alcohol present. 

The accuser claimed that she acquired those photos from another acquaintance and explained that Apink’s Chorong used to go drinking on weekends while being in high school. The photos were taken in 2008 when Chorong in fact was attending high school. Along with the accusations, the former friend has also lodged a complaint at Seoul Gangnam Police Station on April 5  against the K-pop star. 


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'Uncover the truth'

The former friend of Park Chorong has stated that as Chorong never apologized for what she did, the accuser is ready to pursue the case legally to uncover the truth. The accuser told a publication, “Park Chorong said she will take legal action without apologizing for school violence so I also plan to take it until the end in order to uncover the truth.” 

Physical abuse allegations 

Prior to the underage drinking accusations which receive a lot of criticism in South Korea, the former friend revealed horrific details of hurt and physical abuse caused allegedly by Chorong. She reportedly said, "When I was 18 back in 2008, I met Chorong on a street in Sachang-dong. I smiled at her, but she glared at me. Later, her friends told me, 'Hey, Chorong wants to beat you up', and dragged me to an alleyway. Chorong told me, 'I didn't like the way you smiled at me' and slapped me on the cheek. She also kicked me in the shin." Later, Chorong's friends allegedly assaulted the victim in the head, shoulders and back, and the person suffered severe bruises all over her body along with swelling to the face. 




While accusing her of physical abuse, the former friend also recalled what took place when Chorong was debuting and the accuser reached out for an apology. But instead of a formal apology, the person was charged with a lawsuit where Apink Chorong's company Play M Entertainment claimed,  "On April 1, we filed an initial criminal complaint at Gangnam Police Station via Wonil Law Firm against an individual “Kim” for defamation by alleging false information and attempted coercion regarding our artist Apink’s Park Chorong." Further, it stated, "Park Chorong and “Kim,” who were close in the past, drifted apart due to a certain incident. Park Chorong admitted that there was an argument and dispute between another friend and “Kim” due to this incident, and she apologized for any uncomfortable feelings she may have potentially caused." Read the entire statement here.

Apink fans have, however, sided up with the K-pop singer claiming the accusations should have come out earlier. While some have expressed disbelief or astonishment at the news, others are choosing to back the K-pop star. A fan said, "You know right that the false claim made on Chorong is fishy. Since Kim purposely exposed the issue on the anniversary month + 10th year anniversary of Apink? If your claim is accurate, why don't you expose it earlier this year when bullying issue is a hot topic???" Another fan wrote, "Apink literally has been in the industry for 10 f*cking yrs and they are a for their great personalities and suddenly a rotten head comes and put an accusation of bullying on chorong and you want us to believe that person. It took you 12 yrs to come out ....."



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