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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Reunion: Fans slam Alexa Alfia and Raven Ross for 'bullying' Zanab Jaffrey's ex Cole Barnett

Zanab accused Cole of repeatedly 'body-shaming' her and asking for a random girl's number during their bachelor party, which her ex-fiancé vehemently denied
UPDATED NOV 11, 2022
Alexa Alfia, Cole Barnett, Zanab Jaffrey and Raven Ross in 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 Reunion (Netflix)
Alexa Alfia, Cole Barnett, Zanab Jaffrey and Raven Ross in 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 Reunion (Netflix)

DALLAS TEXAS: 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 may have ended on Netflix, but it seems the show's contestants are not out of the drama yet. After an explosive reunion special that saw the contestants face off one last time, some new developments have fans reeling! And the latest drama involves none other than the show's most "unproblematic" contestant, Alexa Alfia. Alexa had managed to secure her position as one of the "easy-going" performers and hardly have any relationship problems. Her time in Season 3 was so quiet that she hardly received any criticism from the fans. But that is not the case now after the airing of the reunion episode. Alexa's involvement in a certain other couple's relationship drama might have caused the star to incur the wrath of 'Love Is Blind' fans. And Alexa is not the only one who has faced angry comments. Fellow contestant Raven Ross also played an important role, leading to her being called a "bully"

Season 3 of 'Love Is Blind' ended with many dramatic moments as two couples successfully became husband and wife while three couples broke up. On the same day, the series premiered with a reunion episode where all 10 contestants joined hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey to talk about some of the show's most talked about moments. When the conversation shifted to Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett's tumultuous relationship, Zanab accused Cole of repeatedly "body-shaming" her. She even accused him of asking for a random girl's number during their bachelor party, which her ex-fiancé vehemently denied. While the other men on the show seemed to deny that they had seen any women during the bachelor party, none could prove Cole's innocence. The accusation came to light after it was mentioned by Zanab's "friends" on the show, Alexa Alfia and Raven Ross, who seemed to stir up the controversy.


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During the reunion, Alexa pointed out that many things happened between Cole and Zanab that were left out of the show. When the hosts probed Cole regarding the issue, Raven chimed in, saying there was the “tangerine scene” and the part where Cole had asked another girl’s number at the bachelor party. When Cole responded with, “No, I didn’t!” Zanab pointedly told him that he had indeed done so and even confessed to Zanab his inappropriate actions a day before the wedding. When viewers saw the scene, many questioned Zanab’s point of view. If Cole had truly partaken in such nefarious activities, wouldn’t Netflix have preferred to air it for added drama? Many fans were even upset at Alexa and Raven for backing up Zanab without solid proof. Netflix even shared a ‘Zanab and Cole Cuties’ scene which shed light on the whole “tangerine affair” and showed the truth behind Cole’s supposed body shaming comments.

Fans flooded the comment sections of Alexa’s and Raven’s recent Instagram posts, calling them out for being “bullies” and “gaslighters.” One slammed Alexa, writing, “Who blindly supports a friend who is so blatantly in the wrong?! Zanab clearly misinterprets what people say & makes up a new story in her head & proceeds to convince people that’s the truth! Classic narcissistic, gaslighting, manipulative behaviour!” While another told her to mind her business, penning, “Girl stop fucking lying! You were with zanab every single day and knows the truth?? Also when they were alone u were there too? Also when he “bodyshamed” her etc and etc?? You are all small minded people who just believes from a one side story instead of actually using your brain and oh yeah, minding your own business I should mention as well!!” One noted the deleted comments and said, “She’s deleting comments because she knows she’s wrong …..” Whereas a fan called the group out and wrote, “Sooo much gaslighting was done by a group of people I initially liked, I’ve lost so much respect for these guys. Time for you all to take some accountability.”


Raven, too, received plenty of critique for her actions as one fan wrote in the comments of the star’s recent posts, “Apologize to Cole!!” As another called her a bully and penned, “You were my favorite until I saw your lack of empathy towards Cole. What company would want to be associated with a bunch of bullies??? Team Cole.” A fan pointed out, “I thought you were smart and good at reading people... But no, obviously not. Zanab is toxic af and yet you took her side, fully believing her obvious lies and exageration. What a shame! You should apologize to Cole... #justiceforcole.” One person also said, “It was wrong of y’all to attack Cole with straight lies.”


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