'Love Is Blind’ Season 3 star Raven Ross feels the show did not portray her as an ‘emotional’ person

'Love Is Blind’ Season 3 star Raven Ross feels the show did not portray her as an ‘emotional’ person
Raven Ross on 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (Netflix)

DALLAS, TEXAS: The one couple of the Netflix dating show ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 that most fans were rooting for, besides Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, was perhaps the pair Raven Ross and Sikiru ‘SK’ Alagada. The duo did not experience the usual romance on the show and chose to fall in love the unorthodox way by taking it slow. But when the time came to say their “I do's,” SK rejected his ex-fiancee in front of the entire wedding party, leaving Raven on the verge of tears.

As the pilates instructor cried at being dumped by her “runaway groom,” fans were a tad bit surprised to see Raven express such intense emotions on screen. Ross is known to keep her calm and composed persona intact and come off as even a little “cold.” But apparently, that is only the perception that ‘Love Is Blind’ gave its viewers. In a recent interview, Raven opened up about her tempestuous journey on the show and even expressed that Netflix did not portray her as an “emotional” person. The reality star claims that she is much more passionate in real life.


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SK declined to marry Raven on their wedding day, citing the reason: “We have a very unique and complex set of circumstances. I feel like today is not the best time for us to do this.” Upon hearing his words, Raven’s expression contorted into one of sadness, and she was soon shedding many tears. Raven, of course, respected her ex-fiance’s decision, but she also expressed how unfortunate it felt. She told People Magazine, “I was clearly really shocked,” and shared, “I feel like the whole time, I was definitely not portrayed as an emotional person. So it was probably shocking for everyone to see me be such a crybaby.” She continued, “But it was a really emotional day,” adding, “I definitely was unprepared. We had gone through this whole experience. I was definitely on cloud nine after our build-up of having a great relationship, so I was a little shocked.”

Raven even took accountability for her “jumping jacks” moment with contestant Bartise Bowden. In the initial episodes of Season 3, Bartise and Raven had hit it off, but when the former had tried to share an emotional moment with Raven, she had seemingly gotten into a jumping jack routine, making Bartise think she was disregarding his feelings. While glossing over the seemingly “insensitive” incident, the pilates instructor said, “I’m going to own up to it: it was a horrible time to do jumping jacks. I totally take accountability for that.”


‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 will premiere its finale and reunion episodes on Wednesday, November 9 at 12 am PT on Netflix.

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