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Did Cole Barnett criticize Zanab Jaffrey's eating habits? Damning claims spice up 'Love is Blind' Season 3 Reunion

Zanab Jaffrey claimed Cole Barnett asked her to 'order a salad' and made rude comments about her body
'Love is Blind' Season 3 stars Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey (Netflix)
'Love is Blind' Season 3 stars Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey (Netflix)

DALLAS, TEXAS: Netflix just dropped the finale episode of 'Love is Blind' Season 3, and along with it came the reunion. We finally saw two couples saying 'YES' at the altar, while the other three seemed not ready for marriage. Cole Barnett was perhaps the most heartbroken of the lot after Zanab Jaffrey said 'NO' and lashed out at him at the altar.

Zanab claimed that even though she was always sure it was Cole she wanted to end up with, he always considered her as his second choice and made her feel less loved. Cole wasn't in agreement but chose not to argue and instead cried his heart out after Zanab walked out of the altar. The couple did not contact each other after the wedding day and met only at the reunion episode, which did not go smoothly either. Zanab had more damning accusations in store as she claimed Cole was the reason she got conscious about her diet. Keep reading to know more.


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Did Cole Barnett make unwelcome comments on Zanab Jaffrey's body and diet?

In the reunion episode, we saw Zanab slamming Cole, saying he shattered her self-confidence. She also called the 27-year-old out for getting a girl's number at the bachelorette party, claiming Cole confessed before their wedding day that he tried to "kiss a girl" at the party. However, Cole denied kissing any girl or getting anyone's number. 

Furthermore, Zanab accused Cole of managing her eating habits. She said that Cole used to do things like "pushing food away from me, asking if I'm gonna eat that, trying to get me to order a salad, the daily comments about my face and my body." However, Cole was persistent in his denial, arguing if the accusations were true, the show would have shown them. A visibly shocked Cole asked, "I never once cared about what you ate. What are you talking about?"

Zanab added that Cole's comments hurt her so badly that she stopped eating. She said, "I was eating, like, a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter just so I wouldn't pass out on the long days we were filming." She further went into how one day Cole asked her, "Are you gonna eat both of those?" when all she had that day was two pea-sized oranges. According to her, Cole told her, "Maybe you should save your appetite." In response, an apparently dismayed Cole told the camera person, "If you have it [the clips], please air it."

Well, they did exactly that. As the show aired the clip at the end of 'Love is Blind' Season 3 reunion episode, we saw Cole making the exact comments he claimed he didn't. With Season 3 coming to such a tumultuous climax, fans are now eagerly looking forward to 'Love is Blind' Season 4.