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‘Just rent clothes’: ‘Love is Blind’ fans slam Alexa Alfia for returning once used dresses

'And Alexa is why I wash everything before I wear it. She wears clothes once because she returns everything,' wrote a fan
UPDATED NOV 10, 2022
Alexa Alfia from 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (@alexaalfia/Instagram)
Alexa Alfia from 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (@alexaalfia/Instagram)

DALLAS TEXAS: ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 has finally concluded as Netflix aired its two remaining episodes on Wednesday, November 9. And fans got the opportunity to witness hefty doses of drama as many relationships broke apart as tears were shed, as hearts broke. But among the very few people to come out of the show undefeated was the fabulous Alexa Alfia, who got married to her fiance Brennon Lemieux.

Alexa is possibly the most chilled-out of all the contestants, and her relationship with Brennon reflects the same. And while fans love and adore this pairing as well as who Alexa and Brennon are as individual people, there might be a tiny little detail that still manages to irk some fans about the Israeli beauty. During the show, Alexa revealed that she does not repeat a single outfit. While that might not seem like a big deal to many people, including her husband, some fans thought that never repeating clothes isn’t exactly a great thing for the environment. But this was just the tip of the iceberg because, during the season’s reunion special, Alexa also revealed a tight-knit secret about her shopping activities, leaving many fans “disgusted.”


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As all the contestants sat down to talk about Season 3 on the reunion episode, the conversation shifted many beats. Finally, it landed on the new Mr and Mr Lemieux. As the duo discussed their new marital troubles and settling into married life, someone brought up the topic of Alexa’s habit of never repeating clothes. Host Venessa Lachey then asked the brunette beauty how she achieved such a feat, to which Alexa responded with: “Oh my god, they’re gonna arrest me.” Hearing that, many of the other women exclaimed, “You return it!” and “ Oh my god! Budget!” The episode then panned into never before seen footage of Alexa showing her vast closet to her husband.


While the episode did not dive any further into Alexa’s penchant for never wearing the same outfit twice and repeatedly returning clothes that she would have worn once before, fans definitely took note and decided to call out the reality star. Many expressed their concerns on Twitter as one fan wrote, “Alexa’s only flaw is that she’s not an environmental queen. Babe, you’ve GOT to rewear your clothes.” White another added, “Man I didn’t know @SHEIN_Official has a good returns policy but Alexa seems to make it work! If she wears the clothes and returns them then that’s a bit gross…” A viewer said, “Ewww- Alexa returns clothes after she wears them? She should not brag about that. That’s trashy.” And another disgusted fan wrote, “I can’t get over Alexa saying she doesn’t wear the same clothes twice. Are American ppl for real?”

One person questioned, “How does Alexa never wear the same clothes twice? And has a full closet??” And a fan critiqued, “Alexa talking about not wearing the same clothes twice....then says its cause she wears and returns her outfits... ma’am just rent clothes... there are services for that... nobody wants your dirty laundry retagged back on their racks.” Another noted, “And Alexa is why I wash everything before I wear it. She wears clothes once because she returns everything.” While one fan slammed her for her ignorance of the environment, saying, “And Alexa too dude…the fact that you don’t rewear your clothing is not something you should be proud of…her carbon footprint is…”









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