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‘It’s the calculated stab for me’: ‘Love is Blind’ fans think Zanab Jaffrey is the real villain of Season 3

'Zanab really weaponized her own insecurities to make Cole out to be a villain,' pointed a fan
Zanab Jaffrey in 'Love Is Blind' Reunion (Netflix)
Zanab Jaffrey in 'Love Is Blind' Reunion (Netflix)

DALLAS, TEXAS: Every new season of ‘Love Is Blind’ has its set of “heroes” and “villains.” While some contestants are dearly loved and adored, some become the source of the fans’ constant annoyance and are absolutely loathed. Season 3 of ‘Love Is Blind’ had Sikiru ‘SK’ Alagbada become one of the show’s most revered contestants. While two participants, Bartise Bowden and Cole Barnett, were unanimously named the villains. But after the ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion special aired, many fans were reconsidering their stance on who the “real” villain of the dating show might be.

Bartise and Cole received loads of backlash for disrespecting their fiancees, Nancy Rodriguez and Zanab Jaffrey. While Bartise and Nancy’s relationship ended after Bartise rejected his fiancee, in the case of the other couple, Zanab was the one to say “No” at the altar. While fans agreed on Zanab’s decision to break up, the manner of the break up did receive plenty of raised eyebrows. Instead of simply saying “I do not,” when asked if she would marry Cole, Zanab chose to slam the 27-year-old with a long speech that left Cole embarrassed and broken-hearted in front of the entire wedding party.


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Zanab ended their relationship by saying, “I think I have a really good idea about the type of woman that’s gonna love you the way that Cole needs to be loved every day for the rest of your life. And, I think, you and I both know that is not me.” She added, “You have disrespected me, insulted me, you have critiqued me.” In front of family and friends, Zanab bashed Cole for “single-handedly” shattering her self-confidence. She proceeded to walk out of the altar with her friends clapping and cheering for her while a shocked Cole remained behind, too stunned to move. Even during the reunion, Zanab constantly bashed Cole for “giving his number to a girl” during the bachelor party, which Cole claimed was a lie.

Zanab had claimed that she was “unsure” and gained clarity only at the last minute, which caused her to walk out on Cole so dramatically. Many fans thought that even if Cole had wronged Zanab, she had been way out of line for being so brutal. Some even pointed out that Zanab was the “true” villain of the show. Twitter was abuzz with commentary by the fans as one wrote, “Ion like how they ganged up on Cole at the reunion, he’s not a favorite but Zanab is not without fault in their relationship either.” While another said, “It’s the calculated stab for me.” And one viewer penned, “So y’all didn’t see Zanab treating this grown man like a passenger on an ac. She berated him every chance she got.” A viewer noted, “I am team Cole the whole way. If the producers actually had the tea of him saying all that sh** you don’t think they’d air that? That woulda been JUICY. Zanab needs some serious repercussion for what she did to that man.” While another wrote, “I don’t think you understand the new profound hate I have for zanab now, it wasn’t supposed to end like this.” A fan critiqued, “Zanab really weaponized her own insecurities to make Cole out to be a villain. Was he perfect? Absolutely not but she manipulated things to get everyone against him.”







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