'Family Karma' Season 2 Finale Spoilers: A look at Amrit Kapai's future plans with Nicholas

Amrit Kapai revealed how the wedding with Nicholas look like and what his future plans are

                            'Family Karma' Season 2 Finale Spoilers: A look at Amrit Kapai's future plans with Nicholas
Nicholas Kouchoucos and Amrit Kapai in 'Family Karma' (Bravo TV)

We are into the final week of 'Family Karma' Season 2 and fans are eager to see the drama that unfolds during the season finale. In the ongoing season, we saw Amrit Kapai finally proposing to Nicholas and getting engaged. The entire clan is really happy and can’t wait for them to get married.

Apart from the characters on the show, viewers are also waiting to know the details about their marriage and how they are going to plan it. Bravo TV shared a clip from the finale episode which gave us an idea of how they are planning to conduct all the celebrations. In the video, we see all the boys playing poker. We see Amrit, Vishal Parwani, Brian Benni, Shaan and Dillon getting together for a boy's night out.


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During the clip, Amrit announces that he, Vishal, and Anisha are planning a holiday party before he gets married to Nicholas. All the young people in their clan are invited to the party. Amrit also announces that there will be a dress code for the party because “gays are all about the dress code” and the theme is “winter wonderland glam.”

Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos in 'Family Karma' (Bravo TV)

Later in the video, Amrit reveals that he is in his 30s and ready to settle down with the man he loves. But the biggest revelation of the video arrives during the final moments when we see Amrit and Nicholas talking about the wedding. Amrit says that they’ll get married in ‘August’ and “adopt a child” from India or somewhere else.

Nicholas looked really happy knowing that Amrit is thinking about adoption. Amrit opined, “I think I am an adult now and I am ready for wearing those cute things that you wear on your shoulders and put your baby in.”

For the uninitiated, Amrit proposed to Nicholas while being on a boat. He said, “Remember when we first started dating, you told me you needed to protect your heart, and I said you don't have to worry about that because I'm gonna protect it. I made that promise to you. Well, I want to renew that promise for the rest of my life, to protect your heart.” Nicholas could not stop his emotions and cried while saying “yes” to his proposal.

Nicholas Kouchoukos and Amrit Kapai got engaged 'Family Karma' (Bravo)


However, the couple did face some complications after the episode aired. Amrit confirmed on his official Instagram story that his partner was attacked by an unknown person right after the watch party of that particular episode. The reality TV star shared the message in one of his IG stories, which was later shared by Bali, one of the cast members, on the image-sharing platform.



“Tonight after our proposal watch party Nicholas was walking down the street in Boystown to meet me. A man got out of his car and punched Nicholas in the face. I have been so clueless. This is not ok. We do not feel safe in the #NorthHalstead neighborhood. I will not stay silent,” Amrit wrote.

Fans gathered on social media and supported Amrit and Nicholas in large numbers.

The season finale of ‘Family Karma’ will be premier exclusively on Bravo on Wednesday, at 9 pm ET.

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