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'Family Karma' Season 2: Brian vents his frustration on Monica over move, fans say 'let her go'

Brian finally talks about losing his job and moving to Florida with Monica 2.0 on 'Family Karma' and says that her expectations are 'too damn high'
UPDATED JUL 22, 2021
Brian Benni and Dr Monica Shah star on 'Family Karma' Season 2 (@brianbenni_/Instagram, @dr.monica.shah_/Instagram)
Brian Benni and Dr Monica Shah star on 'Family Karma' Season 2 (@brianbenni_/Instagram, @dr.monica.shah_/Instagram)

Season 2 of ‘Family Karma’ is getting intense and all the characters are moving toward a situation that would change their lives forever. One of the characters who have made an impact on everyone’s minds is Brian Benni. However, he is going through a rough patch in his relationship with Dr Monica Shah.

Monica and Brian want to take their relationship to the next level. But Monica is a practical woman and worries about the future. On the other hand, she doesn’t know that Brian has lost his job. Six months later, Brian finally tells his girlfriend that he lost his job and explains that her expectations about money and life don’t really align with what he’s comfortable committing to. Brian told Monica that it is really hard to 'meet your expectatio' and he has been a “yes man” for a while but now, he doesn’t want to.


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A heated conversation takes place between the two as the duo tries to talk it out. However, Brian is annoyed at whatever has happened in recent months. Monica wants Brian to move to Tampa, Florida and start a life there. But he believes that it is not easy in “corporate America” to just switch places and have a successful venture. In the end, we get the idea that Monica loves him truly and wants him to be with her.

Brian Benni and Monica Shah in 'Family Karma' (Bravo TV)

Monica, on the other hand, feels that moving to Miami would force her to restart too. Neither one is wrong.

Fans are really divided after the conversation and have bombarded Twitter with their comments. Some believe that Monica is right while others say that Brian’s frustration is natural. One of the fans wrote, “I think Dr. Monica understands fully but I think Brian thinks she doesn’t understand and assumes she cares about status, etc; I think she genuinely cares for Brian.” Another one said, “I don’t think Brian needs to be hard on himself. If Monica loves him (which I’m sure she does), she’ll understand. He can’t worry about someone else if he’s not focused on self first.” Another fan noted, “Ah yes, Brian taking all his insecurities and putting on the girlfriend he's not in love with to make it out to be her fault. This kid is such a douche bag.”

Meanwhile, another one said, “Brian if all Monica is worried about is when you’re going to have money to buy the things you need to move on from her! You deserve someone who loves you not someone who's worried about what you can buy her!”

“So, Monica has made it clear that she doesn’t need his money but he’s still not over covering her expectations. Correct yourself, Brian. Your expectations. Not hers,” wrote another fan. “It’s better to let go of Monica. If you aren’t on the same page it’s better to break up. She needs to not rush things. Brian has been a party boy not sure if he is ready to settle down so fast, Monica is a great catch he should try to meet her halfway,” claimed another one.

Another fan opined, “Ohemgee…I’m Monica 2.0 and Brian is my ex…I was/am ready for a future together but he, like Brian, didn’t want to discuss the future…so I cut him loose.” One viewer claimed: "So that convo between Monica & Brian seems very familiar kina triggering. Brian is projecting, she just expressed what she wants their goals to be as a couple, and he kinda belittled her feelings.If Brian cant handle the strong independent woman Monica is let her go #FamilyKarma."









It will be interesting to see how their issue will be discussed in the Season finale of ‘Family Karma’. The finale is surely going to be dramatic and might give us special moments as well as some bittersweet endings.

‘Family Karma’ Season 2 returns to Bravo for a new episode every Thursday at 9 pm ET.