'Family Karma' Finale: Vishal carries Amrit to bed and fans are convinced the best friends are a couple

'Family Karma' Finale: Vishal carries Amrit to bed and fans are convinced the best friends are a couple
Vishal Parvani and Amrit Kapai (Bravo)

Since day 1 of 'Family Karma', fans have always had a suspicion that Vishal Parvani might be gay. It didn’t help his cause much when he revealed that after his gay best friend, Amrit Kapai came out of the closet, his first thought was him questioning his own sexuality.

When we were introduced to Vishal's fiancé Richa Sadana, fans couldn't help but notice that something about their relationship seemed "weird".
Vishal and Amrit's friendship didn’t sit very well with fans either. Amrit was ready to fight Vishal's other best friend and fellow cast member Anisha Ramakrishna, to prove that Vishal and he were closer than Vishal and her.


When that fight transpired, fans felt that Amrit might be projecting his feeling towards Vishal on Anisha. Despite all this drama, Vishal managed to hang onto his fiancé, Richa.

Vishal finally managed to convince both his family and Richa's family for their engagement and the finale episode of ‘Family Karma’ revolved around their engagement. Vishal took his job of planning the engagement very seriously and planned every little detail.


Unfortunately, unexpected rains foiled his plans. As Vishal began to stress, Amrit came forward to help his best friend out and was ready to do whatever it took to see his friend relaxed and happy. To cheer up Vishal, Amrit even offered to carry him in his arms.

Amrit carrying Vishal (Bravo)

Vishal happily takes up Amrit's offer, following which Amrit carries Vishal in his arms and takes him to a room and throws him onto the bed. Although the scene ended there, fans began getting wild ideas about the nature of their friendship.

Several fans were convinced that Vishal and Amrit were a couple. A fan tweeted, "This should've been a coming-out party, honestly. Vishal and Amrit... the real bride and groom, come to the stage!! #FamilyKarma." Another fan wrote, "Wow...this scene with Amrit carrying Vishal...secret desires much?? #FamilyKarma."
"When Amrit carried Vishal over the threshold....... and I'm not supposed to expect that Amrit digs Vishal???  Huh...... #FamilyKarma," pointed out a fan. Another fan commented, "Vishal it's 2020 you can live your truth even if that truths Amrit #FamilyKarma."


"I swear Vishal and Amrit are holding out for each other #FamilyKarma," shared a fan. "Amrit and Vishal are obviously a couple and Nicolas and Richa are only here for the show  #FamilyKarma," expressed another fan.

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