'Family Karma' Season 2 Finale: Reshma refuses to talk it out with Lopa, fans say 'move on'

'Family Karma' Season 2 Finale: Reshma refuses to talk it out with Lopa, fans say 'move on'
Lopa Sadana and Reshma Parvani in 'Family Karma' (Bravo TV)

Season 2 of ‘Family Karma’ has finally come to an end and fans were treated to some really amazing moments in the finale. Without any guesses, the season finale was filled with a lot of drama as well as Reshma and Lopa came face to face after a very long time.

Dharma, the mother of Brian Benni, called Reshma and Lopa for lunch to discuss the issues they have with each other. Lopa started the discussion and asked Reshma about the problems she has with her. Reshma responds by saying that she doesn’t have any problem with her. But Lopa believes that it is all bulls**t and they should talk about it.


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Reshma finally tells her that she got really upset when Lopa called her son an idiot and no mother would ever like to hear such sort of words for her child. Vishal’s mother also said that Lopa needs to move on for her and her daughter’s sake. At that moment, Lopa tells Reshma that her life hasn’t been easy.

Richa Sadana and her mother Lopa in 'Family Karma' (Bravo TV)

We also got to see a flashback moment between Vishal and his mother talking to each other about Richa and Lopa. Reshma is finally ready to take the initiative and talk more with Richa’s mother so that the relationship gets better.



Social media lit up after hearing the conversations and most of the fans were divided on how they felt after witnessing the arguments, but they also believed that Lopa just can’t say anything without facing any consequences. One of the fans wrote, “You can’t just say what you want Lopa without any consequences. You’re a mean nasty person, but you still want Reshma to kiss you’re a**.”

Another user noted, “I agree with Vishal’s mom. Let someone call my kid a moron or idiot or what the hell ever. I’d be just as pissed. Risha’s mom (Lopa) is such a b****.” Another fan tweeted, “Lopa is getting her ass handed to her. Good. It’s the ones with the tough exteriors that have gone through a lot and project their hurt onto others. Hopefully, she does better, because respect is key, and her future grandkids don’t need that.”

Meanwhile, there were some who supported Lopa and noted that it’s not easy being a single mother at a young age. One user shared, “Seeing Lopa open her heart makes me see a different side of her! Knowing her mom died at such a young age makes me sad for her!” Another one wrote, “Lopa isn’t wrong. Her approach is debatable but throughout the show, her concerns have been valid.” Another one said, “You may not want drama or bad energy but you are in denial you do have a problem with her just own it.”

"Reshma is right- Lopa gotta move on and move forward for their kids #FamilyKarma," said one viewer. 
















The cold war between Reshma and Lopa started during Season 1 when Reshma got to know that Richa's mother was talking trash about her son. At that time, Lopa simply brushed everything under the carpet by saying she doesn’t know what Reshma heard and has no idea what she is talking about. However, the editing team on the show pulled out a video and refreshed our memories.

But it's good that the recent conversation ended with Lopa and Resham starting over for their children. It was a happy ending for both of them and fans as well.

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