A fake post has BTS fans questioning the harassment Bangladeshi ARMY are facing

A Bangladeshi fan's post about how she was threatened for liking BTS had more ARMY speaking about their experience in the country

                            A fake post has BTS fans questioning the harassment Bangladeshi ARMY are facing
BTS fans in Bangladesh are being harassed (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

While BTS, the global K-pop group has fans all around the world, they and their fans are still belittled and mocked due to certain factors thanks to the racist and sexist mindset that still exists. Despite their huge success, BTS are still mocked for being ‘girly’ or ‘gay’ while others use racist remarks like ‘Chinese’ or that all Asians look the same. Fans are looked down upon for listening and liking BTS but a Bangladeshi ARMY post on November 19 had all of Twitter in an uproar.

A fan of BTS from Bangladesh claimed on Twitter that she was being harassed by men for liking BTS. She said once she was wearing a backpack that said BTS and so a man got physical with her and threatened to rape her. Immediately, fans and non-fans alike tried to help her by giving her advice, sending resources and sympathizing with her. This prompted other Bangladeshi ARMY to speak up about their experience and how this was a recurring thing with men harassing fans for liking BTS. Unfortunately, OP’s (original poster) claim has turned out to be fake that has fans questioning the whole thing.

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Bangladeshi fans have been getting hate for like BTS (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

‘I trust BTS and BTS only’

After BTS fans urged OP to go to the police and report the matter, she posted on Twitter that the man had been arrested along with pictures of the scene. However, some fans noticed that the pictures were actually screenshots of a crime show by the name of 'Taalash'. The video had been uploaded 10 months ago on YouTube and OP had got her pictures from there. This led to some fans trending ‘I trust BTS and BTS only’ as they decided not to believe any of the other Bangladeshi fans who had spoken up too.



‘We stand with Bangladesh ARMY’

However, most of the ARMY are still siding with Bangladeshi fans. In fact, some of the men who harassed and threatened the Bangladeshi fans proudly took videos and posted them which has many people shocked. Fans said that while it was sad that OP lied to gain followers, they couldn’t disregard the other Bangladeshi ARMY that had spoken about and how this was a horrifying situation in the country.

Fans have been trending phrases like #EndViolence and ‘We stand with Bangladesh ARMY’. One ARMY shared, “THIS IS REAL !!! PLEASE DON'T STOP RAISING YOUR VOICE WE STAND WITH BANGLADESH ARMY #EndViolence.” Another tweeted, “I trust bts and bts only just because of one person please dont turn a blinding eye on the real victims in Bangladesh or anywhere else.” One fan added, “Just because one person lied about it, it doesnt mean that the issue itself is made up. please keep talking about this :(.”

A lot of the actual victims were upset that because of OP their words were being questioned, “What I shared on yesterday's space was the truth of what young women are going through here in BD. The fact that my words were used to manipulate truth heavily seats on my heart. I shared a vulnerable truth and it was wrongly used. I have no words.”





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