CL 'Alpha': Release date, how to listen to her 1st studio album featuring single 'Spicy'

CL, the leader of the former K-pop girl group 2NE1 returns with her first studio album 'Alpha' as she teases it with the pre-release single 'Spicy'

                            CL 'Alpha': Release date, how to listen to her 1st studio album featuring single 'Spicy'
CL is set to drop her first studio album (@chaelincl/Instagram)

After seven years, CL is finally back with a new studio album. CL was the leader of the biggest K-pop girl group 2NE1. The girl group had some of the most iconic songs that went viral. They sold more than 66 million records and are still one of the best-selling girl groups in the world. In fact, they come in third following Spice Girls and ‘20s swing group, The Andrew Sisters.

2NE1 was part of the second-gen fierce groups like 4Minute and their labelmates BIGBANG. They debuted in 2009 with four members. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2016. But while they were together, they recorded several commercially successful albums and EPs. ‘Crush’ was their second and final Korean studio album that was released in 2014. And now, CL has participated in her first studio album ‘Alpha’ since her days with 2NE1.


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CL prepares for first studio album

Before 2NE1 disbanded, they were on a hiatus in 2015. In that time, CL launched her solo career by signing with the likes of School Boy, SuneV, Very Cherry and Konnect. She debuted with the single ‘The Baddest Female’. She is the first female K-pop solo artist to enter Billboard 200 and the third K-pop act to do so. Since then, she has released several singles and the EP ‘In the Name of Love’. However, ‘Alpha’ is her first studio album as a soloist. She quite recently teased the pre-release singles 'Spicy' and 'Alpha' which are set to be released soon.

Release dates

The pre-release single ‘Spicy’ will be released on August 24 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). The single ‘Alpha’ will be released in September 2021. The album ‘Alpha’ will be released in October 2021.

How to listen and watch

The singles, as well as the whole album, will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more. The music videos for ‘Spicy’ and ‘Alpha’ will be available on CL’s YouTube channel.



1. ‘Hwa’
2. ‘5 Star’
3. ‘Spicy’
4. ‘Alpha’

We will get the full tracklist when CL drops the schedule for 'Alpha'. ‘Hwa’ and ‘5 Star’ were released as singles in 2020. They did exceptionally well in the US as both ranked #3 and #13 on Billboard respectively. The album will have two more pre-release singles with the hip-hop track ‘Spicy’ and ‘Alpha’.



CL dropped a teaser for ‘Spicy’s’ music video which will also be released with the song on August 24. We see silhouettes of dancers surrounding CL facing a wall full of abstract designs. They’re accompanied by a trap beat and a narration of the word ‘Energy Power Chemistry’. The narration is done by none other than Hollywood legend ‘John Malkovich.

Watch the teaser below:


Music videos

Watch the music video for ‘Hwa’ below:


Watch the music video for ‘5 Star’ below.


'Cultural reset'

Fans were excited as they hyped and showed their support with tweets like, “First album of any sort over the span of 13 years of her career! Super excited & ready to show all sorts of support! GZBz + CL let’s gooo!” and “GZB are beyond readyLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceBlue heartCherries a Long awaited album that will be infused w/ signature LEGENDARY #CL Duality of fiery verses + sweethearted vocalsFire Lee Chaerin-- you deserve the absolute universe!! ILYSM.”

One fan added, “Indeed the cherry on top Cherries, the best in the game & THE MOMENT! Cannot wait to be mind blown yet again by your artistry & lyricism! Fire GZBz are ALL IN for you!” Some used memes to show their excitement, “'Spicy' by #CL isn't just a song, IS A CULTURAL RESET, A LIFESTYLE, A REASON TO BREATHE, A WORK OF ART, THE FIRST GIFT YOU OPEN ON CHRISTMAS, A HUG FROM A LOVED ONE, EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED, EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEEDED,” and “Yahhhhhh unnieeeeeeeeeeeee asdfjdbdkas뉴오ㅘ해ㅑㅜ댤.”