BTOB confirms BTOB 4U comeback at August end, emotional fans say it'll be 'extra chaotic'

Cube Entertainment has confirmed the BTOB sub-unit's comeback not so long after their appearance on 'Mnets Kingdom: Legendary War'

                            BTOB confirms BTOB 4U comeback at August end, emotional fans say it'll be 'extra chaotic'
BTOB 4U members at 'Kingdom: Legendary War' (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)

BTOB 4U, the current sub-unit of BTOB, have just confirmed that they will be having a comeback in the end of August joining the bandwagon with multiple other K-Pop groups that are set to debut this month. On August 6, their agency Cube Entertainment made the news official when they tweeted a link to a Naver News article about the 4 member sub-unit having a comeback at the end of this month.

BTOB 4U means 'For you' as well as '4 members united'. It also refers to how there are four members in the unit. This sub-unit came to being since 2 of BTOB's 6 members are currently enlisted for their mandatory military services.



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BTOB 4U at their waiting room in Kingdom: Legendary War (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)

Legendary comebacks after legendary war

BTOB was last seen on Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War where they were a veteran group alongside fellow third-generation groups like SF9 and iKon as well as three fourth-generation groups — The Boyz, Stray Kids, Ateez. One out of these six groups have had their comeback already while three of them prepare for a comeback in this month.

SF9 is the group that has already made their comeback with their latest mini-album 'Turn Over'. The Boyz are all set to make a thrilling comeback with their album 'Thrill-ing' on August 9 while winners of 'Kingdom: Legendary War', Stray Kids, won't let fans take it easy with their upcoming album 'No Easy' later on August 21. Fans of the reality show hope to see Ateez and iKon announce a comeback soon.

BTOB 4U at the finale episode of Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)

Where is BTOB now?

It is as sad as it gets to reiterate the fact that Sungjae and Hyunsik, members of BTOB, are currently enlisted for their mandatory military duty. They both were enlisted on May 11, 2020 and are only 100 days away from their discharge. They are set to join BTOB 4U on November 20, 2021.

Other members of BTOB like Eunkwang, Changsub and Minhyuk have already completed their mandatory military enlistment while Peneil does not require to enlist as he is the only member in the group with an American citizenship. Minhyuk, who just recovered from Covid is part of BTOB 4U. Fans are concerned for his health as the agency announces a comeback.

Fans excited, say ‘BTOB back again’

Considering that this could be BTOB's last sub-unit comeback after their stint at 'Kingdom: Legendary War', fans started tweeting about their comeback news. One Melody says, “D-100 until sungjae and hyunsik's military service ends!! BTOB COMEBACK PROMOTIONS WILL BE EXTRA CHAOTIC”


While concerned Melodies start tweeting about Minhyuk’s as well as other members' health. Some fans wish for the health and well being of the members as they say, “We all waited for this comeback since KD but we also want our boys to be healthy!” “Please i miss them hopefully Minhyuk will still join the cb safe and healthy” and “I hope Minhyuk will be fully recovered by then” One more Melody says, “I’m surprised of Btob comeback by the end of this month. I think this is so soon after minhyuk discharge from hospital. I’m more worried about their health” while another says “so theyre pushing thru with btob 4u's comeback. I'm actually still very worried for minhyuk though ):” One concerned melody says, “As much as I love the idea of a comeback from BTOB4U, I really hope the members are not overdoing themselves, Minhyuk especially.”






Other fans start tweeting with BTOB back again with tweets like, “It's confirmed! BTOB will have their comeback by the end of the month” while some plainly state, “BTOB BACK AGAIN”.





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