'Extreme Debut Wild Idol': Day6's YoungK, Wonpil to collab with participants for song

The wild survival show from MBC, ‘Extreme Debut Wild Idol’ has released their second single for the show ‘Diving To The Top’ featuring Day6 members

                            'Extreme Debut Wild Idol': Day6's YoungK, Wonpil to collab with participants for song
Wonpil and YoungK participate with 16 contestants of the show 'Extreme Debut Wild Idol' for the song 'Diving Into You' (JYP Entertainment, MBC Network)

The ongoing survival show from MBC is going extremely well as the show reveals its top 15 contestants from among the 45 male trainee contestants that made their debut on the show after an elimination taking off one member of the sixteen contestants in the seventh episode of the show. As the reality program is inching towards its finale and seven of the ten episodes from the program have released a new song featuring JYP Entertainment’s rock band, Day6’s members, YoungK and Wonpil. The show has its seventh episode on October 28 at 9.00 pm KST (8.00 am ET).

The song, ‘Diving To The Top’ that the 16 contestants from the seventh episode of the show released in collaboration with YoungK, who has now enlisted in the military as well as Wonpil from K-pop’s rock band, Day6 is an up-beat EDM song which was produced by Shim Eunji. Four out of the 16 contestants of the ‘Wild Idol’ also participated in writing the rap for the single themselves. Contestants, Kim Kijoong, Park Gunwook, Park Jooeon, and Jung Hyunwoo were all the rappers that took part in the writing of the song.


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‘Wild Idol’ has a Wild Elimination

The seventh episode of the survival show, ‘Wild Idol’ started with sixteen contestants, namely, Kwon Hyeongseok, Kim Kijoong, Kim Jiseong, Kim Hyunyeop, Noh Yoonho, Park Geonwook, Park Jueon, Bang Taehoon, Seo Sunghyuk, Yoon Jaechan, ​​Yoon Junhyeop, Lee Jaeeok, Lee Jaejun, Lee Changsun, Jeong Hyunwoo, and Im Juan who were all divided into two teams of eight contestants each. The first team was led by Lee Changsun while the second team was led by Seo Sunghuk.

Both teams performed the song, ‘Diving To The Top’ in the wild while both teams competed for the winning spot. It was noted that the losing team will lose a member from the team what will be eliminated from the show. After Lee Changsun’s team was voted as the winner from 100 live-watching judges, the contestant that ranked lowest over the last couple of weeks would have to be eliminated from the show. Contestant Yoon Jaechan was voted out of the show that caused fans to get emotional alongside the contestants.


First stage performance from the Wild Idols

As Jaechan bid the contestants and the fans adieu with a video message, the show revealed the ranking of the remaining 15 contestants with Im Juan taking the lead again. The show declared that all team missions on the show were over as the top 15 finalists of the show finally performed the song, ‘Diving To The Top’ on stage for the first time ever.

Watch the performance from the top 15 contestants of ‘Extreme Debut Wild Idol’ for the song, ‘Diving To The Top’ here.


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