'Peaches': EXO Kai's second solo music album tops iTunes charts in 58 countries

The second solo mini-album from Kai topped multiple charts after its release while fans get a special screening of his first solo concert in theaters

                            'Peaches': EXO Kai's second solo music album tops iTunes charts in 58 countries
Kai tops multiple iTunes charts for 'Peaches' while his first concert gets 30 different screenings for fans at CGV Theatres (@zkdlin/Instagram)

With four out of nine members of the group currently enlisted in the military and the impending enlistment news of the group’s maknaes, Kai and Sehun, EXO-Ls still have up to two years to be able to see the group come back together as a whole. In the meantime, all active members of the group are enjoying a period of solo music releases and so is the case for Kai. Kai released his first album, ‘KAI’ in November of 2020 and started the KOLO phenomenon that is proving fruitful for the penultimate member of the K-pop group EXO.

Following the trend and making his comebacks a yearly tradition which no one wants to see an end of, Kai released his second solo album, ‘Peaches’ on November 30. Being the member of one of the biggest K-pop groups in history comes with its perks and Kai has amassed a huge following over his years in the industry thanks to which, ‘Peaches’ his second six-track EP (Extended Play) heralded a success as it charted in 58 regions on iTunes as soon as it released.


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Kai enters multiple iTunes charts with 'Peaches'

Taking over iTunes Album charts in regions like Brazil, UAE, Italy, Poland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Indonesia, and many more, Kai has turned into a charting monster. Not only this, but ‘Peaches’ also debuted at Number 1 on iTunes Worldwide Albums Chart a successful comeback. Meanwhile, all six songs from the album had entered Worldwide iTunes Song Chart with the title track ‘Peaches’ peaking at Number 3 on the chart and all other songs in the Top 100 songs on November 30.


As of December 1, the music video for ‘Peaches’ has crossed 4.5 million views on YouTube. With the success of his new album, ‘Peaches’, his first album, ‘Kai’ from 2020 has re-entered the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart at Number 58. This has led Kai to rank at Number 24 among Global Digital Artist Ranking alongside many other real-time Korean domestic charts like Bugs, Melon and China’s QQ Music among others.


Kai's first solo concert gets a theater screening

Fans who have supported Kai in his solo ventures now also have the opportunity to see the idol’s first solo concert titled, ‘Beyond LIVE #Cinema - KAI: KLoor’ in a theater. Upon fans’ insistence, the first solo concert from Kai will be broadcast at the CGV Theater chain for fans to attend in person. The actual concert will be streamed globally through the network, Beyond Live’s VLive channel and a simultaneous broadcast will be aired in the cinema halls for fans to enjoy together and virtually experience the feeling of an in-person concert.


For Kai’s concert that is scheduled to stream on December 12, the singer has prepared unique music performances as well as colorful styling and conceptual acts from his two solo albums as well as other EXO releases. The solo concert from Kai will be broadcast live in 30 theaters under the CGV Theater chain nationwide and will be a concurrent broadcast as that on Beyond Live’s VLive.

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