EXO's Kai drops nostalgic teaser for ‘Peaches’ with nods to pre-debut dance routines

The prologue film for Kai's second solo comeback album 'Peaches' drew on concept photos from his previous 'KAI' album and his pre-debut days

                            EXO's Kai drops nostalgic teaser for ‘Peaches’ with nods to pre-debut dance routines
Kai reminds fans of his pre-debut days by dancing in a prologue film featuring the unreleased song 'Vanilla' from his upcoming solo album, 'Peaches' (EXO/YouTube; @zkdlin/Instagram)

After rocking the world to the beat of ‘Mmmh,’ EXO’s main visual Kai (Kim Jongin) reminds fans of EXO’s glory days when he was a pre-debut contestant who danced his heart out. In a teaser that Kai released on November 26 at 12 am KST (10 am ET), he made EXO-Ls nostalgic with his artistic prologue film that he released for his second solo album, ‘Peaches,’ scheduled to release on November 30.

Kai took the world by storm after he released his solo eponymous album, ‘KAI’ last November with its lead single, ‘Mmmh’ that topped charts, and became the most sensual song of the year. Kai seemingly wants to keep the magic going as he dropped the dreamy prologue film as well as the highlight clip from his B-side song, ‘Vanilla’.


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Kai performs 'Vanilla' for 'Peaches' prologue film

The song ‘Vanilla’ appears to be an indie-pop song that expresses the feeling of falling in love. EXO's Kai compares the emotion to the soft and plain vanilla flavor that one can never go wrong with. The repeated chorus emphasizes the dreamy atmosphere createtd by the song, making fans even more thrilled about this new release from Kai.

The prologue film is leaving fans emotionally charged as they prepare for Kai’s first solo comeback since his debut with ‘Kai’. It is reported that, similar to his first album ‘Kai,’ the new mini-album will also have six tracks with ‘Peaches’ as the album's title track. The prologue film, released on November 26, shows a dreamy but narcissistic side of Kai as the video opens with the singer gazing into his own reflection in a small body of water.


Kai dances his heart out for 'Vanilla'

As the beats progress, Kai is suddenly seen underwater as he floats, resembling the concept photos released for his last album, ‘KAI’. Kai is also seen rocking the mullet while he sings the lyrics from ‘Vanilla,’ overpowering the background music. A silhouette of a woman appears, who could be Kai’s lover — the one he is singing about. The film progresses and Kai is seen in distress as the silhouette moves further and further away from the singer who suddenly erupts into a dance break that reminds fans of his pre-debut dance routines. Watch the prologue film here:



Kai will make his comeback on November 30 and will also greet fans for the first time with his solo concert titled ‘Beyond LIVE #Cinema - Kai: KLoor’ which will air on December 12, 2021, at 3 pm KST (1 am ET).

‘His body speaks by dancing’ 

Fans, moved by Kai’s performance, are talking about the film on Twitter calling it his 'walk down memory lane' as he reminisces about his pre-debut days with EXO. One fan said, “Something so beautiful about the way Jongin made references to his early steps with Exo as well as as a soloist.” Another said, “HIS  BODY SPEAKS BY DANCING.”

One fan theorized that, “Kai mentioned bf the woman in the mirror from Film:Kai is his inner self. What if it's the same case for this era, he's searching for the losing piece of his inner self.” One fan said, “Let's take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics.” Another fan noted, “This part got me emotional because it really reminded me of pre-debut/debut kim jongin the first video was his first teaser when he first got introduced as an exo member.”






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