When is Minzy dropping comeback single? 2NE1 fans call K-pop star 'hot as summer'

Former 2NE1 star Minzy is all set to make a comeback with her summer single and fans are thrilled

                            When is Minzy dropping comeback single? 2NE1 fans call K-pop star 'hot as summer'
Former 2NE1 star Minzy will be back this summer with a new single (Minzy Instagram/ MZ Entertainment official)

For 2NE1 fans and second-generation K-pop enthusiasts, 2021 is more significant than any other year as a bunch of new comebacks of their favorite superstar is on the horizon. After 2NE1's Park Bom released her new single 'Do Re Mi Fa Sol' in March, it is now Minzy who has teased a new comeback with her fresh summer song.

According to the K-pop artist's label MZ Entertainment, the singer is all set for a summer comeback with her vibrant new single this year. Plus, the statement added that Minzy will also be attending all the promotional events for the comeback. Earlier this year, super popular groups who were on hiatus such as SHINee and Super Junior also made their much-anticipated comebacks with 'Don't Call Me' and 'Renaissance' respectively. Bigbang's G-Dragon in a recent Dazed interview hinted at a possibility of the group's comeback as well saying he has been spending a lot of time making music and also writing lyrics. Prior to the much-awaited comeback of K-pop queen Minzy, here's all you need to know.


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When is Minzy coming back?

Minzy's summer single will be released in July. There has been no official announcement regarding the actual date yet, but the label has teased preparations for the vibrant summer comeback and the promotion works of Minzy are well underway. The former member of YG Entertainment's girl group 2NE1, who established MZ Entertainment last year after departing from Musicworks Entertainment, made her official debut in the Philippines prior to the 2021 comeback with the Tagalog version of her single 'Lovely' in November 2020.

After 2NE1 disbanded in 2017 with the single 'Goodbye' in January that year, Minzy released her first-ever solo EP, 'Minzy Work 01: Uno' in April, which contained six tracks. The EP charted at number 10 on South Korea's Gaon Album chart and went up to debut at number 2 in Billboard US World Albums chart. Check out the lead single of the EP, 'Ninano', a duet with South Korean rapper Flowsik below.


2NE1 vs Blackpink

After the announcement of Minzy's comeback surfaced, a new fandom war between the former YG girl group and present YG Entertainment's girl group Blackpink emerged where the former K-pop group received its fair share of praise and slander. 2NE1 fans are of the opinion that the group disbanded due to YG Entertainment's mistreatment and this is a fresh start for the group. Previously, Sandra Park of 2NE1, who recently left YG, was heard saying that they wish for their group to be together someday again. A fan opined, "let’s not forget 2ne1 disbanded because of the mistreatment not because they wanted to cause if they were still going there would be no Blackpink right now so stay humble!"


Another K-pop fan commented, "2ne1 Disbanded because of the problem around them and the management itself... And don't forget also that BLACKPINK is already a planned  debut before 2ne1 Disbanded....." A fan claimed, "2ne1 and Blackpink both queens of kpop, the end and period!" Excited about the Minzy comeback, a fan posted, "Minzy-dance-machine-doing-the-salsa type of comeback! Hot as summer!!!"




Missing Minzy? Stream her music below.


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