'Post Up': CL makes triumphant return as K-pop's 'baddest female', fans call her comeback's appetizer 'insane'

The singer was in hiatus between 2016 and 2019 as she patiently awaited her comeback under YG Entertainment, but following her departure from the label, she has been on quite the roll

                            'Post Up': CL makes triumphant return as K-pop's 'baddest female', fans call her comeback's appetizer 'insane'
CL (CL/SuneV)

K-pop's resident 'baddest female' CL has made her epic comeback with a song and music video for 'Post Up', her first release since her six-track EP 'In The Name of Love' dropped at the end of 2019.

Lee Chae-rin has been one of K-pop's most popular idols ever since she debuted with 2ne1 in 2009. The group would go on to be one of South Korea's most influential and successful girl groups worldwide, and its members remain fan-favorites to this day, despite being pushed into a hiatus and eventual disbandment while still at the top of their careers. Since then, each member has gone on to embark on solo activities, with Bom and Minzy releasing solo music and Dara reigniting her acting and television career. CL, while still with YG Entertainment, released her first solo single, 'The Baddest Female', back in 2013, and was set to drop an EP 'Lifted' during the group's hiatus. Though the EP's title single did release in 2016, the EP itself seemed to disappear into the ether. But as soon as she left YG in 2019, CL dropped an EP with six songs she had completed during her hiatus. Each was accompanied by a music video as well as the date it was originally completed.

In this handout photo provided by Mnet Asian Music Awards, apl.de.ap, CL from 2NE1, and Will.i.am perform at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 29, 2011 in Singapore (Getty Images)

And now, having left the past where it belongs, CL returns anew with 'Post Up', the first single of her new journey as a solo artist in her own right. And fans, naturally, can't help but rejoice and share how happy they are for the singer. One fan tweet read, "Can u believe we get to be present in the queen of kpop releasing her single for her fans after her company did her dirty and rebuilt herself by her own queen behaviour." While at YG, CL spent the bulk of her time building connections within the music industry, both within South Korea as well as in Amrica in preparation for a US debut that didn't manifest. Following her exit from YG, CL put out her music under the Kakao M-affiliated label SuneV, and has since seemingly managed herself, most likely with the aid of a smaller team. Despite this, she managed to put out multiple music videos for six songs over three consecutive weeks, with nearly all six crossing the first million mark in streams and views with ease.


And much like with 'In The Name of Love', CL appears to have participated closely on 'Post Up', with most of the marketing for it coming through the singer's own social media channels. After some technical difficulty, which CL hopped on an Instagram live to clear up, the official video for 'Post Up' dropped. The track features CL rapping about her journey thus far and making sure her detractors know she's coming back to reclaim her crown. "The Queen is back, CL is back!" said one fan, and another shared, "CL IS THE WAY!!!!!"




CL has come to be known for many things, including her rapping, singing, dancing, writing, and stage presence. Her rap sounds as good as ever on 'Post Up'. One fan shared, "B****HHHH BARS BARS BARS." Another fan quoted one specific part of CL's rap, stating, "HOW ABOUT YOU SAY IT TO MY FACE? Gurll whatt?"



Several fans also hailed the return of their "DANCING QUEEN," with many commending the "DANCE BREAK" that features in the latter portion of the music video. One fan stated, "Letโ€™s go dancer!! CL."




Some were, naturally, confused at how short the song was, given not much information about it was released prior to the official drop. One fan asked, "Wait, was that it?" And another said, "F*** SO SHORT BUT SOOOOO GOOD. I GO BY THE NAME OF YOU ALREADY KNOW!!!!! 2NE1 MY FOREVER BLESSING!!! THE BADDEST FEMALE! HAIL QUEEN CL." 'Post Up' serves as an intro song for CL's upcoming full comeback release, the official date for which hasn't been released yet. And if this short track tells us anything, it's that CL did not come to play this time around. As one fan stated, "THIS IS INSANE WHAT THE F***."




Check out CL's intro track 'Post Up' below: