Is there no hope for IZ*ONE reunion? Fan-led relaunch funding project falls through

After collecting more than $2.6 million and contacting all of the members' agency, the fan-led relaunch project comes to an end

                            Is there no hope for IZ*ONE reunion? Fan-led relaunch funding project falls through
IZ*ONE's fan led relaunch project falls through (@official_izone/Instagram)

Since the successful formation of the project group I.O.I in 2016 through a survival show, IZ*ONE had been the next big thing. They had been formed from the survival show ‘Produce 48’ and fans had hoped that they would fare better than the 2016 group which had disbanded a year later. IZ*ONE had gone global with several brand partnerships, awards and topping of charts. However, since they were a project group, their contract wasn’t for the usual 7 years but just for a meagre 3 years. When it ended in April 2021, the group disbanded.

WIZ*ONEs were heartbroken. Their response and requests for a relaunch were overwhelming. Fans from all over the world took matters into their own hand and got together to unite the girl group. In fact, some fans took the initiative and created Parallel Universe which is a relaunch project crowdfunded by fans. It was reported that within two months, they had collected around $2.6 million which they would use to relaunch IZ*ONE. However, those plans have fallen through.

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No hopes for IZ*ONE

Despite their efforts, Parallel Universe announced on July 29 that the relaunch project had come to an end. The crowdfunding platform Wadiz, on which the funds had been raised stated that the project had been closed and no more money or pledges would be accepted. The fans who were leading the project stated that after much discussion they had decided to end it since they had to respect everyone’s wishes and it was genuinely difficult to reunite all 12 members due to their individual schedules.

But they have not completely given up. Due to the large number of members, they accepted that it is difficult to match their schedules. However, the organizers believe that it will be possible to create sub-units and collaborative activities. They stated that they would continue to contact the agencies of all of the IZ*ONE members and look for other opportunities like collaborations among few members who can be free at the same time or releasing of demos and unreleased songs.

Previously, CJ ENM had stated that they would not be taking the money that had been collected. Parallel Universe had also stated that the money showed the global purchase power of WIZ*ONEs and the group’s influence that could maybe help the girls in the future. Hence, they would not return the money. But those who wanted a refund could get it by applying for it within a certain time period while all of the pledges would automatically be canceled on July 30.

'Thank you'

Fans were disappointed as they tweeted, “I honestly was hoping that iz*one will relaunched  but i knew that some of the members' companies would have plans for them already..this really sucks.” Another fan tweeted, “Well it’s up to the members if they want to live their own lives :).” One fan tweeted, “Thank you K-WIZ thank you PUP team for your hard work and the professionalism you showed. hope for good results in the future.”

Another fan tweeted, “The way eunbi didn’t hesitate to mention izone when given the opportunity to say who she’d like to have on the show Two hearts “I have one. My members…” *corrects herself* “IZ*ONE members are really interested in beauty programs…” eunbi, the girls will always be your members.” One tweeted, “Izone members are really something else , all of them are in demand, it's insane. It's like all these brands and shows are just waiting for them all this time.” Another tweeted, “Mood either goes from "i want iz*one back" or "wow they're doing great with all these solo projects."