Enhypen posts pic with all members post Covid-19 recovery, fans say 'babies are back'

Six out of seven members of the boy group Enhypen tested positive for Covid at the beginning of September with only Sunoo testing negative

                            Enhypen posts pic with all members post Covid-19 recovery, fans say 'babies are back'
All 6 members of Enhypen that tested positive for Covid-19 have recovered and Sunoo re-tests negative (@ENHYPEN_members, @ENHYPEN/Twitter)

A lot of news about K-pop idols testing positive for Covid-19 was doing the rounds since August this year which got a lot of fans worried about the health and well-being of their favorite idols. With the rest of the world still grappling with the disease, everything was seeming to get back on track with announcements of comeback schedules and music shows in the K-pop industry.

All artists and their managements followed the health protocols set by the Government, news of more and more artists testing positive for Covid-19 tended to put a halt on many activities from artists. Enhypen, the newest boy band that came out of HYBE’s (then, BigHit Entertainment) survival show, ‘I-Land’ was one of the many groups to be affected by this.


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Enhypen recovers from Covid-19

When the first news of five members of the septet namely, Jungwon, Heesung, Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon broke out, fans were shocked and wished the members a speedy recovery. Following that news, three days later, Niki, a sixth member of the boy band tested positive for Covid-19 leaving Sunoo to be the only member testing negative and safe.

Engenes started getting worried about the members who had announced a September comeback. Following this update, their agency, HYBE had announced that they will not be participating in the KCON: Tact Hi 5 as the members were in self-quarantine under the health guidelines with respect to the health conditions of the artists. They were scheduled to make an appearance on September 19 which was canceled. With the new announcement of their recovery, fans finally sigh with relief.



Enhypen’s comeback postponed

After the initial announcement made on August 25, HYBE confirmed that Enhypen was set to make a comeback that was slated to release in September of 2021. Post the news of six members testing positive for Covid-19 made fans wonder if the comeback schedule in September would be possible as the members would not have been in the ideal health condition to practice for their performances.

After HYBE posted their announcement that members Jungwon, Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon as well as the last member to test positive, Niki have all been fully recovered from Covid-19. HYBE also had the final member, Sunoo re-tested before he exited his self-quarantine which came out negative as well, all members now have a ‘clean bill of health’ from the Health Department.

Enhypen will be making a comeback in October with their first studio album (@ENHYPEN/Twitter)

October comeback announced

Following the news of the recovery of the members from Covid-19, their agency also announced that Enhypen will be making a comeback in October of 2021 with their first-ever full-length studio album following their April 2021 mini-album, ‘Border: Carnival’.



‘They all recovered’

Fans have been sending their best wishes to members of the group for recovering from the virus by saying, “I'M so Happy and relieved! Thank you for all your prayers~Indeed God is so Good! Heeseung Jay Sunghoon Jungwon Jake Ni-Ki are covid free! and Sunoo is negative and safe! Stay strong and continue to be healthy ENHYPEN!” Another fan said, “Happy to hear that they're ok now and that they'll move their cb, they have plenty of time to fully rest for their health.” One more fan said, “they all recovered before their 1st anniv. im so happy.”

Another fan said, “6/6 members are already fully recovered from covid to jake, jay, jungwon, heeseung, sunghoon and ni-ki thank you for coming home safe. we all miss you. you fought so well our enhypen.” One more fan plainly stated, “ENHYPEN IS COVID FREE GOOD MORNING EVERYONE !!” One engene said, “Our babies are back.”












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