Enhypen ‘Dimension: Answer’: Release date, concept and all about repackage album

Enhypen became the youngest and fastest K-pop group to make 1 million sales with their first album 'Dimension: Dilemma'

                            Enhypen ‘Dimension: Answer’: Release date, concept and all about repackage album
'Dimension: Answer' is a repackaged version of Enhypen's first album 'Dimension: Dilemma' (Enhypen/Weverse)

Super rookies Enhypen are constantly raising the bar and competing with veterans and well-established K-pop acts like BTS, NCT, Seventeen and EXO. They were in fact the only rookie group in the top 10 of Gaon’s best-selling K-pop albums of 2021 which is not a surprise since Enhypen became the youngest and fastest K-pop group to have 1 million sales for their album ‘Dimension: Dilemma’. And now we are getting the album's repackaged version — ‘Dimension: Answer’.

Enhypen is also the fastest K-pop boy group to cross 500 million Spotify streams and became the only rookie group to enter several of Billboard’s 2021 year-end charts. On January 7, 2022, Japan Oricon also listed them at #2 for their year-end chart ‘Yearly Ranking For Rookie Artist Total Sales’. With constant successful releases in their very first year of debut itself, fans are now excited to see what the boy group has in store for 2022. Well, here’s everything we know so far about Enhypen’s first repackage album.


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'Dimension: Answer': Enhypen confirm 1st repackage album after million-seller record

Enhypen for the 'No' version (Enhypen/Weverse)

Release date

Enhypen’s 'Dimension: Answer' will be released on January 10 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

Where to listen

Enhypen’s first repackage album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

Enhypen for the 'Yet' version (Enhypen/Weverse)


1. ‘Blessed-Cursed’ - Title track
2. ‘Polaroid Love’
3. ‘Outro: Day 2’

‘Dimension: Answer’ is a repackage of Enhypen’s first album ‘Dimension: Dilemma’. Apart from the eight songs of that album, we are getting three new songs in ‘Dimension: Answer’ with ‘Blessed-Curse’ as the title track.

Jungwon, Sunghoon, Jay and Sunoo for the 'No' version (Enhypen/Weverse)


We have two versions for ‘Dimension: Answer’, the ‘No’ version and the ‘Yet’ version. Similarly, there are two sets of concept photos. For the ‘No’ concept, Enhypen looks moody in black and white teasers as they stare right into the camera. They also channel their inner Godzilla as they tower over miniature destroyed landscapes. In the ‘Yet’ concept, they show off their fresh and youthful charms in flowing white shirts and wind-swept hair, surrounded by nature.

Jake, Heeseung and Niki for the 'Yet' version (Enhypen/Weverse)

Music video teasers

Enhypen first released individual concept films for each of the members. In the ‘No’ version, they mess around and stare at the camera while trap music plays in the back. For the soft ‘Yet’ version, they are seen playing with flowers and grass as they are in the countryside while a soft piano plays in the back. They also dropped individual teasers of all the members for the music video of ‘Blessed-Cursed’. The teasers start off with a rock arrangement full of electric guitars while the members are in different vibrant setups, dressed in punk rock outfits.

Watch the individual music video teasers of ‘Blessed-Cursed’ below.









Excited Engenes made tweets like, “ARE THEY INSANE!?” Another fan shared, “Enhypen really said we go big or go home.” One added, “This song needs to go viral it sounds so good already."




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