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'Dimension: Answer': Enhypen confirm 1st repackage album after million-seller record

Enhypen is also the fastest K-pop boy group to cross 500 million streams on Spotify
UPDATED DEC 10, 2021
Enhypen ready to make a comeback in just 3 months (@ENHYPEN/Twitter)
Enhypen ready to make a comeback in just 3 months (@ENHYPEN/Twitter)

Enhypen may be rookies but they certainly don’t act like one. They have had several successful comebacks just in 2021 itself, broke several records, and are now ready to come back for more. After the commercially hit-album ‘Dimension: Dilemma’ which made them million sellers, the K-pop group is ready to drop their next album. On December 10, the boys confirmed that they would be releasing their first-ever repackage album ‘Dimension: Answer’.

Engenes (Enhypen’s fandom) knew that Enhypen were super rookies when they became almost-million sellers a day before the release of their first album with ‘Dimension:Dilemma’ accumulating 910k pre-orders. They had the highest first-day sales becoming the first and only fourth-gen act to make 500k sales. In a week, the K-pop group had crossed 800k sales with fans predicting a million-seller badge soon.

'Dimension: Dilemma': Enhypen become million sellers, fans dub them 'future of K-pop'

2021 Billboard year-end chart dominated by K-pop acts like BTS, TXT, TWICE, Blackpink

The seven member group will make a comeback in January of 2022, only three months after the release of their first studio album, 'Dimension: Dilemma' (@ENHYPEN/Twitter)

Enhypen a million-seller act

Enhypen became the only fourth-gen group to have two albums chart in the top 20 of Billboard 200. They also topped several reputable Korean charts like Hanteo, Gaon and also iTunes in 26 countries. We even had them entering year-end charts of Billboard and TIME. And on December 9, Gaon Chart awarded Enhypen a million-seller badge for ‘Dimension: Dilemma’ for over 1.1 million sales. They became the fastest and youngest K-pop group to achieve this milestone.

Spotify records

They are also the second fourth-gen act to cross 1 million sales on Gaon. They have now made a total of 2.5 million sales. Additionally, they are the fastest K-pop boy group to cross 500 million streams on Spotify. They also broke the record of having their debut album become the fastest to reach 100 million streams on Spotify. Additionally, they are the fastest K-pop group to get 4 million monthly listeners in 236 days. They also won two awards at Asia Artist Awards and an award at the MelOn Music Awards 2021.


2022 comeback

Following their success, they have now announced that they will be releasing the repackage album ‘Dimension: Answer’ on January 10, 2022. Pre-orders have begun and will go on for one month. In between, we have exciting performances as Enhypen will perform with their labelmates TXT at the KBS Gayo Festival. We also have Heeseung joining the lineup for MAMA 2021’s fourth-gen idols special collab stage.

Excited fans made tweets like “Yup monster rookie indeed congratulations boys!!” Another fan posted, “I believe dimension: answer is the perfect christmas gift yes tamauh behavior.” One Engene posted, “During last year's nyel heeseung was in the vocal unit as a representative vocalist from enhypen & is now one of the 6 members opening this year's mama as the member who will be representing enhypen as one of the 4th generation kpop groups i'm so proud of him :(.”




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